Thank You All!

I would like to give each and every one of you a great big hug, it’s hard to put into words, how much all those comments mean to me, without sounding false, soppy and ostentatious.

So, consider yourself hugged (I wonder if I could create a button for that?)!

Before I forget, can I please remind you of the Competition I am holding…you’ll find the details in the right column under “Little Competition” (scroll down to the bottom of the page) the closing date is the 5th September so there is still time left and it is open to anyone.
Thank you (again) to everyone who has taken part so far, the socks are great, it’s going to be a tough decision!

It’s been another busy week craftwise.
I had been booked for an Art & Craft day at the Family Centre in Monkton on Thursday.
I was so impressed that the parents were willing to get involved and get as messy as the kids (it doesn’t happen much in Pembroke Dock) and again “Thank You’s” to everyone who helped out, especially Tracie and Becky who do a wonderful job over there.
To save bombarding everyone here with loads of photos, there is a post on my “Can Do Crafts” Blog about the day.

It was fun!

I am pleased to say “Alexis” (Lois Daykin – From the Rowan book “Little Treasures”)is finished. A really easy and quick knit, and was there not so many other things that got in the way, it would should have been finished ages ago!

Knitted in most of the cotton, cotton/acrylic, and bamboo (mostly unlabled) that I had in my stash, on 4 1/2 mm straight needles.
There is supposed to be a hood, but because I desperately want to be working with the steel wool, the thought of picking up and knitting 200+ sts for the 1/1 rib button band and hood edge just filled me with dread!

So that’s it, I’m off to play with some yarn….I may be some time!


7 thoughts on “Thank You All!

  1. Oh you busy bee :)such lovely blends of colours in that .
    I know what you mean about having lovely comments; it really touches your heart doesn’t it ? What softies we are 🙂

  2. Alexis turned out so very beautiful! I just love how the colours go along together, and it looks so soft and cozy too! Fantastic work indeed, congratulations!

  3. Alexis is lovely and the colours work so beautifully together – bet the wee one is really chuffed! And fab news about the Art and Crafts day at the Dock … could happily send at least 2 other participants (aged 18 and 15 years!). Alternatively, I could leave them at home … and escape for a crafty session myself!

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