When the going gets tough…

…the tough get knitting!

J has been in hospital this week for what should have been a 24 hour affair, but alas, he is still there (problems with the plumbing, if you see what I mean!). So what do I do? I break out the Merino and knit a Kokopelli Bag (from Knitting Daily).

and felted…
Knitted in Wendy Merino (blue and purple) Jaeger something or other with wool (light pink) and the bright pink used for the base was just an unlabled wool stuff!

I’ve also been working on The Beetle. I am so in love with this yarn, I’m going to have to be really good and write a letter to Santa for some more!
You can stretch it like this…

and it stays put until you smooth it down again.

I wanted to knit a textural pattern into it to give it a slight riple so I’ve knitted a little lozenge type pattern into it,

but I’m finding it hard to photograph it, this is the back though…

I’m quite pleased with how it’s coming along.

Naturally it’s been another busy week, just when I thought I could relax a bit before school started again (and I start my NVQ in Childcare Learning and Development).
Apart from trying to find friends and family to look after the kids while I’m rushing up and down to Haverford West (we have no transport at the moment so have been depending on the buses) to the hospital, one of the jobs was to sort out the twins’ new glasses…

Don’t they look sweet?


12 thoughts on “When the going gets tough…

  1. ooo, I love the look of the beetle, what fantastic yarn. And the bag is great too. How cute the twins look in their glasses.

  2. The twins look like wee cherubs in their glasses! Big hugs to them both from a fellow glasses girlie! Hope J is feeling way better and that life’s feeling less pressured at the mo. Good luck on the NVQ! And beetle?? It’s looking fab!

  3. Ahh the twins look so cute! the beetle is coming along, if Habu are at Ally pally (have just ordered my programme)I will get you some more, I only paid £6 for a cone of stainless steel there last year, I’m thinking of some kind of seaweed inspired piece for college with it!

  4. The twins look adorable in their glasses. Glad to hear J is out of the hospital and doing well.

    Felted bags are so much fun it knit. Enjoy knitting beetle.

    Oh, and I can see why you are pleased with “Alexis”. It’s lovely.

  5. I’m so sorry to hear about J – all the very, very best to him, and a speedy recovery!
    The twins look sooo cute with their new glasses, I love these pics! And The Beetle is coming along so beautifully – my gosh, this color is a feast for the eyes! Love the bag too, awesome work!

  6. Great knits! And gorgeous babes!

    And you mean to say that you are able to combine the two? Phew, hats off to you! Perhaps the knitting is the sanity-restorative….

  7. Oh I hope J will be feeling himself again soon! The knits are looking fab as always – that Habu is stunning really shimmery and lovely! And the twins are so cute with their glasses! Good luck with your course 🙂

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