And the winner is…

That’s Jo , for the “Jack Sparrow’s Favourite Socks” from this site.

(sorry I am a day late: excuses to be reeled off later!)

It was such a hard task trying to decide which was the best sock, I mulled over them for a day (excuse no. 1) and in the end wrote all the names down and asked Mavis to pick one out…

So, Congratulations Jo. I do like these socks, I haven’t done any colour work in socks which will be a new challenge (as you know, I love to learn something new) I also like my pirates, although the films I haven’t seen!

If you could email me with your address Jo, I’ll get your yarn off to you asap.

A great effort from everyone though, thank you for taking the time to enter my little competition.
Also thanks for all the well wishes for J. He’s home now and slowly recovering. He’s been told he can’t cycle for at least 2 months which is killing him! (not literally I hasten to add!) (excuse no.2)

Whilst J was away I had a bit of a re-shuffle (excuse no.3). You know how you start one thing, and it leads to another, and then another…and so on. Well, the original task was to put my stash into boxes as they had been messed about a bit due to laziness. I decided I didn’t have enough room for all my craft stuff. J is always complaining that I have bits everywhere, so I suggested that we swapped offices. He has had the “dining room” with loads of space and an empty cupboard and a huge desk.

It’s now mine…all mine!

I’ve not done a great deal of knitting, with me and the kids being back at school, I’ve just not had the time, but, my alpaca/silk tank has taken on a whole new look.

I’m happier with this one, it’s moving with much more speed.
The pink bit is still the Debbie Bliss alpaca/silk blend. The purple yarn is Wendy Merino, which is so soft once it’s been washed.

And as if I am not busy enough (I work better under pressure anyway, so I’m not complaining) I have been asked to move my craft class from the family centre up to the community school…woohoo…and I start next week! (and I’ll get paid…YAY!)
I’m really looking forward to that.

For the local folks who read this: Look out for the flyers for a “CanDo Promo” thing we have going at St John’s Church on Thursday ( 13th Sept) morning 9am – 12pm
I’m going to do a bit of machine knitting and scrapbooking this time and there will be few stalls going on with Needles and Pins and Yo-Yo Yarns and the Thursday Social Club. Refreshments, raffles and bargain stalls and a peek into the future of Community Activities Network Do!
Be there…please. 🙂


9 thoughts on “And the winner is…

  1. Wow, the Jack Sparrow socks are going to look awesome with your yarn, can’t wait to see the first progress pics of it!
    And yay to you for organizing your stash – that’s perfect of course that you swapped offices with J! Oh gosh, I’d *so* need an empty shelf too – just one… just one ;)))

  2. I love the socks – and your new space – how luxurious it must feel!

    And congratulations on getting paid for your craft class – that’s great!

  3. Look fwd to seeing jack sparrow knitted up, great choice 🙂
    Sounds like you have been busy as usual and sorry to hear about J:(
    Please can you come here and sort my stash in order too ?
    Congrats on the workshop and monies to be gained also , fantastic , you so deserve it:)

  4. lol applauding your optimistic streak that saw the ‘opportunity’ J’s absence presented! I’d have been in there too;) If I’m feeling stressed on my world’s feeling more chaotic than usual, I go into ‘order’ mode at home and I love the new space you’ve acquired for your stash.

    Hope J is continuing to recover and that it’s not long before he’s back in the saddle!

    Looking forward to seeing sock progress too…

  5. I am impressed, I need to sort my office out too not much of a point though since we are moving house in about 4 weeks! Great choice for the socks, once I am settled perhaps we should get together for a knit and a chat. I hope J is better.

  6. How organised! I bet it feels good.

    Hope the classes go well, and J is better soon (nothing worse when they aren`t able to do what they enjoy).

  7. The JS socks look great, can’t wait to see them knitted up.
    Reading about your re-organisation has made me feel ashamed of the mess my stash is in, need to de-clutter I think!
    Love the scrapbook page too!

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