Uh…what day is it?

It seems really weird to have gone from posting once a week (or two) to hardly posting at all, what’s even weirder is that I have absolutely nothing to show you!

oh apart from a little sample of banana fibre:

(10sts – knitted on size 9mm straight needles. Blue fibre is 100% Polyester Knitting yarn. hmmmm).

I couldn’t wait to see how it would knit up, and I really want to get my current projects finished before I start anything else.

Winding the yarn from hank to ball (with the use of a nifty swivel chair!) I discovered it is spun really tightly and often wound around itself…still, ever the optimist I carried on…disregarding the fact it was quite a tough yarn and slightly worried about whether it would be suitable for a garment.
So, I knitted up a little sample to see if a wash would soften it up a bit.

At first I didn’t think it had. It behaved pretty much like cotton and bamboo, that is, it looks like it’s shrunk, but left to dry and put back into shape, all is ok again. The wash worked and it is very much a softer fabric, definitely wearable. It still has that lovely sheen and a nice drape too, the knit has loosened up a bit, the afterwash sample is very slightly larger than the first.
But….It reeks! Really badly, like wax jackets when they get wet!
Next on the list is to give it a soaking in fabric conditioner!

Apart from that…my new Wednesday craft club was poop! But I am standing by with faith that it was the weather that put people off! That was poop too!

And then this:

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Which I have been spending all my knitting time on at the moment…It’s not quite finished, but getting there. I need to visit all the clubs and get photos done and write reports and things.

Well, gotta get back to it. Kids to feed and all that.

Jo…your parcel should be with you on Monday.

Love you all!

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6 thoughts on “Uh…what day is it?

  1. I’ve never seen banana fibre before. I’ve only just got my head round bamboo! I’m disappointed that it smells of wax jackets and not bananas. I hope the fabric conditioner works!

  2. hmmm – i don’t think i’ve heard of banana fibre before. good luck with your craft club; i hope it goes better. and thanks for the compliments on my blog!

  3. The banana fibre sounds highly interesting to work with – I’ve never seen it before and was quite curious to read more about it! The smell of it doesn’t sound so impressive indeed – but it still makes me curious to try it out at least once!

  4. Pity about the stink but then again banana smelling clothes might make me too hungry!! Always interesting to hear reviews of new fibres – Thanks! Pity about the craft club as you said maybe the weather was the culprit – fingers crossed for better days to come!

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