4 Birthdays and a Funeral

Firstly…Thank you Yoshimi for joining Pay it Forward, it will be a joy to make something for you. If anyone else would like to join, I still have enough space for another 2.

Well, I’m glad that’s over! I always dread September, for financial reasons more than anything, with J, the twins and Dylan (my sister too, but she doesn’t live with us, so that’s ok) all having birthdays within days of each other, makes for a bit of a struggle.
Thankfully the twins are young enough to throw anything at them, and they’ll be
Dylan was pretty easy to please too and had himself a Dr Who (baddies) skateboard. He’s got pretty good balance on it, though we only let him play on the carpet at the moment, one day we might let him venture outside!
J wanted to try his hand at pyrography. We have a stunning piece of oak given to us by my “dad” ages ago and J has always said he wanted to burn a backgammon board into it, so while he is still off work, he’s gonna have a go!
I’m not holding my breath.
He also wanted one of them fancy flatscreen TV’s (as our original had ended it’s life with a bang – and a smell of burning plastic which lingered for days!). The new one is just your average 19″ screen with built in freeview box.

we could take the old digibox upstairs and watch “posh telly” up there too. Perfect.

Nah! It just wasn’t going to be that easy was it?
The flatscreen was upstairs for a while (until we got rid of the biggie) and worked perfectly…the TV we now have upstairs with the digibox works perfectly, but the damn flatscreen will not work downstairs! (Due to living in an area where the TV signal strength is..well…shit) Despite having drilled holes in the wall and had a fancy bracket with swivel arm, so when it wasn’t being used, could be tucked out of the way…

Do you think we discovered this before 28 days?

Do you think we still have the packaging?

Of course not!
But J and his magic way with (certain) words, has managed to wangle us a refund. So this morning is to be spent at Tesco, (no doubt J will have to use his magic words there too) re-buying a TV & separate digibox, get it all set up, so I can get a TV set up in the boys room before Dylan’s mates come around for a birthday tea party!
Oh Joy!
Funnily enough, the last time I bought something TV related for his birthday (we’re going back to pre-child/marriage days now) it was just as difficult…some things never change do they?

Anyway, enough of the rambling!

I found this in my little newsagent

Sadly it’s not a regular thing, otherwise I’d have replaced Simply Knitting with it, which is seriously beginning to bore me!
There are some nice patterns in here, definitely 3 I’m going to have a go at, along with many others in my list!
At the minute I’m doing some Christmas knitting.
This one I call “Autumn”.

It’s a scarf, knitted in “Needles” Quality Knitting Yarn, 70%Acrylic 30% Nylon, which I found in a charity shop, 200g for £1!
The pattern is “Falling Leaves” which is in Jan Eaton’s book “200 Ripple Stitch Patterns”
I doubt very much I’m the first to come up with this idea, so I’m not going to call it my own!

For a decent sized scarf, I reckon it’s going to take up all of the 200g.

A friend has asked me to knit a baby boy set too. I’d forgotten how fast these knit. I finished the back this morning.

wish me luck for all the patience required for dealing with customer service people….(sigh)


3 thoughts on “4 Birthdays and a Funeral

  1. Wow, what a busy time you’re having! SO aggravating about the TV, but glad your man has a silver tongue – I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you that the rest of your dealings, and your party, go as smoothly…

  2. March and April are like that for me, it’s like Christmas all over again! I hope that it all goes well anyway.

    I bought the Knitting & Crochet special last year, there are some good things in it but I haven’t seen this copy, I will have to look in my local Tesco. Have you bought any recent issues of the Knitting magazine? I think it’s the best UK knitting magazine on the market today and look out for a new sock feature written by me and socks knitted by me too! There is also a fantastic lace shawl in the October issue. (inside informations….)

    Also I would like to join the Pay it Forward if you’ll have me? x

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