I am in paper heaven!

I found these in Lidl yesterday…

Almost A3 sized card, paper, corragated (sp? I’ve tried every vowel and it’s still not right!) card, printed vellum paper, printed card, faux handmade paper and that slimey plastic-y paper stuff, plus an A4 sized cutting board and, yes, and a craft knife, with a good weight on it too.
All for £2.99

You can pay £2.99 just for 5 sheets of plain vellum in some places!
As you can tell, I am well chuffed!

Oh and I got these too, which will be fab for Christmas pressies…

Calenders with blank spaces for kids to draw on!

Talking about Christmas, we were making mitten tree decorations at “Family Crafts” yesterday, some have come out really nice.
I won’t bore you with it all, but if you want the full story, go on over to “CandoCrafts”

I don’t think I have ever mentioned to you, my crochet sampler. I only thought about it when I was uploading stuff for Ravelry (No, I don’t think I’m addicted, although it is fun, and useful, but as a lot of people have said, very, very time consuming!)
Anyway, here it is…

Basically, all I’m doing is practicing crochet stitches, hopefully by Christmas it will be big enough to call a throw, and I’ll give it to my mum.
The yarn is Wendy Allegra that I’ve had in my stash for a while and wasn’t sure what to do with it. That you can see is 100g worth, I’m now starting on the Wendy Sheepskin.

This is a fantastic piece of crochet… Seahorse’s Babette…just stunning!
I must add, I can beat that “dodgy pattern”! I’ll sort it out another time though.

Right, I’m off to sit naked in my mound of gorgeous paper…(ahem!)

J is off to Cardigan, gigging again, so I may well spend the evening scrapbooking with a glass of whiskey…if I can stay up passed 9pm that is!


9 thoughts on “Bargain!

  1. I googled it, it’s Corrugated (doesn’t look right to me either). Great tip about lidle, I’m off to get some calendars asap. Finally a use for all of those tension squares!

  2. Well call me a girly swat but I got it right first time, crochet looks great, I’ve got a couple of balls of allegra left over from the capelet.

  3. Lidl rocks, doesn’t it? They often have such stunning offers – I’ve already spent fortunes there 😉
    Your crochet sampler is such a great idea and it looks awesome indeed!

  4. I totally agree I think Lidl is brill , we’ve had some great buys there and what a bargain thatipack you have is.
    Love the crochet sample and I agree I think Claire’s Babette is lovely too.

  5. Last year I had a similar calendar which I scrapbooked with pictures of Millie for her Mummy. I have another this year to do the same.

  6. Must have missed those in Lidl – will have to go back and try again! Such a great shop for bargains. Sounds like you’ve been having a busy few weeks – I just don’t seem to be making any headway with Christmas knitting at all, well, knitting in general right now. Nevermind – great colours in your Autumn scarf!

  7. *blushes at mention of her work* Lol! I’m all ears on the dodgy pattern!

    Your crochet sampler is lovely. Think I might have a trip to Lidl this afternoon!

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