By the time you read this….

…I should be knitting my 2nd favourite sock!

This one is the first:

Knitted in Wendy Peter Pan 4ply (light blue) and some stashed 4ply acrylic I had. I haven’t really followed the pattern much, apart from the fair – isle skull band. I use a generic toe up pattern that I found here, because I just can’t get short rows to work, I am absolutely useless at them and for some insane reason, I prefer the figure of eight cast on!

Anyway, the second sock should will be in the opposite colours.

If you have visited (or even bother visiting) my Ravelry profile, you will have seen that I started and finished a crochet bag for my sister, lined an’ all!
Crocheted in a aubergine coloured aran acrylic and lined with an old skirt of Jasmine’s, all in 2 days!

And for the dodgy crochet pattern especially for Seahorse…..

Beat that! Go on, I dare anyone to venture into the world of dodgy patterns, knitted or crochet.
There’s no prize…just a lot of fun!

Next on the agenda?

I’m gonna see if I can come up with some crochet patterns for these “C’mon Dolls”, you know the ones in the Corsa advert?

And this too, Bing Bunny

He’s a star!


5 thoughts on “By the time you read this….

  1. Yikes! I think that pattern may take some beating for outright hideous weirdness but let it never be said that I’m not up for a challenge!

    Those C’Mon Dolls are pretty funky! I shall look forward to any forthcoming patterns 🙂

    Super socks and lovely bag!

  2. Very impressed with the socks! And the skulls!

    Certainly a vile tank-top-thingie.. But what is that woman doing? Punting or something? Perhaps she’s modelling it as some sort of life jacket, to be seen from outer space?

  3. Wow! This sock is absolutely and stunningly beautiful! What a great pattern, and your colour choice rocks big time too!!! And the bag – how very lovely!

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