National Knitting Week

I tried really hard to avoid this one, I mean, really, really hard…
I have enough to do without organising knitting events but when a member of Llanion Communities First sent me this email I thought, well, I could do the two together, couldn’t I?

And that was it, the seed was sown and I couldn’t let it go.
(detailed info is incase there are any locals reading this)
So, to celebrate National Knitting Week, I shall be holding a “Knit Together” at Mag’s Cafe in the Govans Centre in Pembroke Dock (the one that used to be Liberties) on the 20th October
From 11am – 2pm

Bring your knitting, have a coffee, pick up new tips….you know the score.

And in association with The Children’s Society and The Big Stitch, I will be bringing along sponsor forms and red wool for anyone who wants to get involved.

phew! Can I breath now?

No, I didn’t think so.

As for my knitting news…Ididntgetmysecondsockstarted! oops. I do have a reason though, I wasn’t that keen on the navy yarn, it was itchy and scratchy, so I have opted for 2 other colours. I don’t have a photo yet, I have nearly finished the first and if I haven’t got the 2nd cast on this time next week, feel free to boot me up the arse.

I do have a photo of this though

Twinkle Toes

Knitted in Sheena Ann “Bobble Top” this one is toddler size and are quick to knit. I’m going to knit some for me and my sister for Christmas.

and The Beetle looks like this at the moment,

but I have run out of Stainless steel so it’s hibernating for a bit. I am sorting out pattern instructions though and will publish them for free on here.

See you on Saturday…right!


6 thoughts on “National Knitting Week

  1. Wow – you’ve been busy as always! I love your little twinkle toes, I’d forgotten about that pattern. Your favorite sock is looking good despite the scratchy yarn problem – hope the new yarns are better behaved! Good luck with all your squares – I think they’re getting desperate as they called me at home to see if I could knit some!

  2. Oh, your Twinkle Toes are brilliant! I must have ’em! Thanks for reminding me of this pattern! A definite for my would-be ballerina 2-year-old granddaughter!

  3. Beetle looks good, I spun a cone of stainless steel in with 2 plys of handspun silk for the project I am working on at the moment, even with the lovelies bought at the show, I still feel like I havent got enough though!

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