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It seems like it’s been ages again, but actually it hasn’t been that long ago since I last blogged, just seems that way. The Big Stitch/National Knitting week thing went ok, not as busy as I had hoped, but there’s a few people knitting red squares out there now.

My toddler twinkle toes are now finished and have started on a pair for my eldest daughter, which is the next size up. I’m doing these in a pink cotton.

I finally got the new knitting magazine “Let’s Knit”, which quite frankly looks like Simply Knitting to me, but some interesting bits, such as the Pretty Knitty Lady, Leah Sutton, I love these buttons. (*cringe* at that silly rhyme).

And this competition

Knit a vintage pattern in modern yarns. As you probably know, I love my vintage patterns and this gave me an excuse to wade through them.

I have started on this one for the childrenswear…

I’ve had to do a bit of maths as the yarn I’m using (Needles Quality Knitting Yarn – cheap, washable, but pretty) is a lot bigger than the Patons Quickerknit that is recommended!
The pattern is from the Beehive Baby Book, for 1/6….I missed out on the whole decimalisation thing, it must have been strange for all your money to mean something completely different.

And this one I have chosen for the adults…

With this one I am just doing one repeat less, knitted in “Donna” by Wendy. This yarn reminds me of willow patterned plates.
The pattern is one of the Bestway Leaflets (for 3d) for Emu Unshrinkable Wools, I haven’t seen Emu yarns for years, I’m sure my mum had some in her stash.
I like the shape of this cardigan and the cable and eyelets is enough to keep me interested without having to completely concentrate.

I know I wouldn’t normally bring my other craft stuff in here, but I am particularly fond of this one…
Home made Lava Lamps.

Made with a clear plastic bottle, this one is a bubble bath bottle, but a drink bottle will do.
Half fill it with water, add a couple of drops of food colouring then fill to the top with everyday cooking oil.

That’s it. You could add some glitter or little plastic toys for more fun.


5 thoughts on “all things vintage

  1. Unfortunately my PC doesn’t show me the pic of your Lava Lamp – I would have loved to see it! But I just adore the vintage patterns you’ve chosen, looking forward to seeing more of these!

  2. I love the vintage patterns. Especially the adult one. I can’t wait to see how it turns out. Those knitted buttons are lovely.

  3. OO competition – I’ll have to dig out an old knitting mag that I’ve got – I always intended to knit a pair of glove and hat from one that comes from the thirties.

    Would you be interested in a book, Angie, called the 30s family knitting book by Jane Waller? You might already have it? If you are interested let me know and its yours.

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