The calm before the storm…

It’s going to be a busy week next week, so I am planning to relax this weekend, planning to, that is, it probably won’t actually happen!

Things to do next week:

I have applied for a job in the school that I work voluntarily in, just a temporary, part time post until Christmas, if I get an interview, it will be on Wednesday…eeek!

Friday I have my NVQ assessor coming to watch me teach music and movement. I’ve done my lesson planning, and am going to do some dancing and make instruments just need to gather the materials and make sure I know what I’m doing.

Also on Friday “Children in Need” day so Ollie and Mavis need to be dressed up as farm animals, so costumes are to be made for them, just something simple, I also need to dress up as a Pirate for the class that I will be teaching.

I have to deliver leaflets for the Christmas Trip I am organising for CANDo and get their website finished and put out into cyberspace andget a 3ft banner finished.

I know I’m not going to get any knitting done next week, so I’m just going to sit and knit all day! I want to get the back of “Vintage Lady” finished,

I’m just coming up to the armhole shaping, so I should be able to get that done today.

I’m also hoping to get some of these slippers done for my sister. I was getting bored of knitting them, so came up with a crochet pattern, and they can be made much faster.

You know when you’re aware that there’s a lot to be done, so you do the ostrich thing and bury your head in the sand…well that’s just what I’ve been doing!

Noctambulating around blogland I discovered some cool things like:

Dipsy Doodles Doily
These fruit hats for babies…so sweet!
And this yarn from Jo

wonderful stuff!

Talking of being inspired, I was working on my Silk top the other night and suddenly realised I would need some stitch markers, completely inspired by The Cabled Climber I made my own, out of whatever I could find in my craft box. They’re crudely made, but they do the job!

A picture of them in action:

Oh and I’ve also joined the “365 ers group” in Ravelry, as if I haven’t got enough to do. Mind you taking photos is like breathing to me, having the time to upload them…. that’s something else.

Finally, for Seahorse, although I didn’t think it at all possible to beat her crochet monstrosity I though I’d share this with the ’70’s babies and the obsession with “all-in-ones” urgh!

(from “Joan Fisher’s Guide to Crochet”)

So, with time on my side, I’m off to do….something.


5 thoughts on “The calm before the storm…

  1. It’a always so nice when you can relax and take your time, and decide what you want to do…

    good luck with your interview -I would LOVE the chance to get paid for working at the kids’ school!

    And I like the 365 idea, although, like you, while I am always taking pictures, I am not always uploading them… maybe that’ll be the incentive…

  2. good luck with all your busyness this week! i think i’d be a bit overwhelmed, personally.

    i rather like your stitch markers, too.

  3. Good luck for the interview!

    What a week ahead too … hope you are managing to get some time this week to catch your breath before it all starts!

    Your stitch markers are great and LURVE that all in one! Possible interview outfit – not;)!! I did have a bottle green (I was an early OT in the making) all-in-one catsuit with a big elasticated belt in my suave and sophisticated 70’s phase:)

  4. Good luck with the job.
    Love the stitch markers, and project 365 sounds a really good idea. I wondered how you were getting on with the “morning pages”?

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