Learning something new everyday …

I was so excited when I got up yesterday morning, not only was I going to have time to do something for me for a change, it was going to be something completely different:
I suppose you would call it “Willow sculpture”. Pembroke Dock Festival Group are celebrating the Winter Solstice with a parade of lanterns (not a very good photo I know, but that kind of thing) made from willow and paper. Sadly I didn’t take my camera to this weeks session, but definitely next week!
It’s fantastic fun, and a chance to learn something new is always exciting isn’t it…
and I’ve “bagsied” any willow that’s leftover woohoo!

If you’re local and you can get down there…GO!

My busy week was as busy as busy weeks go, the interview hasn’t happened yet (they’re having to advertise the job externally now…blah blah blah) so now I have to wait, I HATE waiting. Anyway it all got done, if you would like to see the new CANDO website click on the logo on the right.

In between all the chaos I had this great need to make stuff, knowing I didn’t have a great deal of time, I pulled out the crochet hook and practiced some “granny squares” with the intention of making a blanket with them all, but ended up with these:

Green/cream – Wendy Luxury Aran – Wool/Acrylic
Pink/Charcoal/Beige – Rooster – Merino Wool
Bronze – Berroco – Bamboo

I’m really interested in this supposed rivalry between crocheters and knitters (does it actually exist?)

Ah-ha, a chance to put in a new gizmo from Blogger – which is also on the right. Do you prefer one to the other? Do you do both? Would you consider combining the two? Would you NEVER even consider picking up a crochet hook/knitting needles?
I learned to crochet for the sole purpose of combining the two, why not, both produce similar fabrics, both use fibre, so why not?
I started small, with this necklace I made some time ago now.

(if you’d like the pattern, it’s here)

The silk top I am working on at the minute was always destined to be a combination of a crocheted bodice and knitted “skirt”, while I was doing the crochet bit I thought well let’s take the learning curve a little steeper and venture into lace knitting.
There’s not much to see at the minute, but here’s the start:

It’s being knitted in laceweight something or other (there’s no yarn specs but it feels like wool to me) from Harmony Yarns that I was given somewhere down the line, as you do! I’m enjoying it, which has really surprised me as I usually have neither the patience nor the time to knit lace, but seeing all the wonderful FOs being produced has really spurred me on.

Just before I go, I took this photo last weekend, (in my socks, in the rain!) it’s by no means a great photo, but I just loved the colours in the sky that morning

isn’t that a pip…


3 thoughts on “Learning something new everyday …

  1. Oh, that last picture is *so* beautiful, such inspiring colours! And I’m absolutely impressed that you, among all the chaos and these stressful times that you had, still found time to do some crafts! I really love the crocheted hats you did, they look so colourful and fun in all these different yarns – great!

  2. What great hats! I love the colours of the green/cream one especially.

    Fingers crossed with the interview… it’s a bummer having to wait, isn’t it:o(

    And don’t blame you for nipping out in your socks to capture that sky. Gorgeous colour!

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