Ravelry Caffeine Addicts Swap

Oh was I spoiled by my coffee swap gal, Xantia (ravelry link)from Ireland, just over the water from me.

(sorry about the rubbish pic, my camera has died so had to use my son’s which is pretty basic)

She sent 200g of “Quito” 100% Alpaca yarn from the Knitshop.co.uk, 100g in brown and the other in beige and as she so rightly pointed out looks like an Irish coffee, so she sent me a little bottle of my favourite Irish whisky “Jamesons” (such a smooth whisky) with a recipe for the coffee.

Talking of coffee, she sent a bag of Cuban whole coffee beans and Guatamalan ground beans…I’ve already tried the Guatamalan, it’s wonderful.

And the mug…is just so me, I love it!

And a brilliant card too.

Xantia, thank you so, so much. You have truly spoiled me.


2 thoughts on “Ravelry Caffeine Addicts Swap

  1. It looks lovely! I have had Irish coffee a time or two and it was delicous. Should look up that recipe and buy some Irish whisky :).

  2. Awww, what a wonderful package you’ve received! The Alpaca is so beautiful, and the coffee sounds ever so yummy – especially the Cuban one! I once had a cup of original Cuban coffee right in the center of Havana, and I can’t tell you how tasty this was – probably the best coffee I’ve ever tasted! The question is just if the coffee itself was so yummy, or if the surroundings made it so perfect! You’re going to love it though, no doubts about that šŸ˜‰

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