Of the brighter, cold moon…

I’ve been promising you, whether you are many people, or just me…
Which reminds me, thank you very much girls for all your comments, they make me feel all yummy inside and help me realise that there are some very kind people out there. xx

Regains composure and hardened outlook…

As I was saying, willow sculpture, what more can I say, I love it!
I’ve been taking my Wednesday group (which will be finishing after Christmas)down to the Youth Centre to take part in the lantern making for the Winter Parade.

Photo taken by Mike Odlin (Llanion Communities First)

The lanterns are, naturally made from willow, which when wet, it’s really bendy, so with a bit of masking tape and no-one stood within 1m circle (if you accidently let go, chances are you’ll whip someone in the face! I know, I’ve done it!) You can create all kinds of shapes:

This moon is by no means all my work, I just finished it off, I love the nose.

Once the frame is done, it then gets passed over to the “papering queens” (they know who they are!) who take squares of the same paper that haidressers use for perming, but on a larger scale, soaked in PVA glue. When it dries, it stretches over the frame and dries solid.

Ta-da! Then it gets passed to the electric people and they fit battery packs and lights.

This one is my own creation,

Willow Angel, she’s looking a bit Venus-esque at the minute, but hopefully I shall have her arms and wings finished this week.

On the fibre front, I’ve been working on this:

Freeform crochet, completely inspired by these people…Quartodeideias and Prudence

As I was giving my blog a bit of a spring-clean, I realised it was a year old last month and I missed it!

So, as I’m not prepared for this blogversary, it’s only a small thing but:
the first person who can tell me which poem the title comes from, can have a Christmas present from me.

Have a great day!


11 thoughts on “Of the brighter, cold moon…

  1. Had to google! It’s from Evening Star, by Edgar Allan Poe… I hadn’t read this poem before and it’s really beautiful.

    Willow Angel is fantastic! I think your scultures are a brilliant idea (to be tucked away in the future-crafting-ideas section of my brain).

  2. What fantastic willow work … I love the moon and, even more, your angel. Can’t wait to see them all finished and can just imagine how stunning they’ll be at the Parade. Please, please take some pictures of that if you can … a little bit of grovelling never goes wrong;)!! And thank you for your lovely comments on Ravelry xx

  3. Wow!! 🙂 totally love your Willow Angel and look forward to seeing it completed
    It all sounds like great fun making them as well 🙂
    Strangely I too have been ‘freeforming ‘ this week again I think Prudence was one of my inspiration’s. Going to her workshop in Wonderwool, any chance you could make it ? Kath is going as well

  4. Hi! First of all, congratulations on your work! I love it!

    You know, I studied Sculpture, it’s my degree. And, amazingly, my work was very much alike yours… but in metal, wires and plates! Thank you for linking my blog here. I’m honoured.

    Can’t wait to see the result of your willow sculpture!


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