Winter Solstice…

(I’m warning you now, this is a photo heavy post)

Continued from previous post…

The Angel’s wings and hair had to be made by other people as I wasn’t able to make Saturdays session, but it was a lovely surprise to see her all finished on Sunday, apart from having to see all the “papering queen’s” work ripped to fit the lights.

She was tried on before we set about patching her up again. I hadn’t realised how tall she was going to be! Sadly I wasn’t able to carry her because of the concentration needed to keep her out of trees and if the weather was bad, I’d have the kids with me and would have to keep an eye on them.

seeing these photos put in me in mind of this:

My eldest daughter is so excited about Christmas Day, not for the presents, not for her favourite Auntie coming to stay, certainly not the food. Nope, she’s looking forward to seeing Dr Who again!

But then, who wouldn’t?

Anyway, back to the lanterns:
Willow Angel

Winter Sun


Very, very big Dragon!

It was really difficult to get a photo of the little lanterns

as they were lit with candles, so the light wasn’t as bright as the bigger ones. No doubt I’ll be able to link to some better quality pics soon enough, but for now:

These were behind me,

and these were in front.

It was a brilliant night and as far as I was aware, went well with no trouble. It was great fun to be able to work with SpacetoCreate and look forward to their next venture in this area.

That’s that then, now I have to prepare for my interview on Monday morning (yes, I finally got a date) and an NVQ observation in the afternoon! No doubt I shall be drinking monday evening, just to stop myself from shaking!


9 thoughts on “Winter Solstice…

  1. Fabulous photos Angie, i looks like a fabulous nite, I can’t wait for Doctor Who Christmas day either, and neither can Neo! Be the highlight of Christmas!

  2. My gosh, what an awesome night this must have been! The photos are truly fantastic – thanks so much for sharing them!

  3. What a beautiful procession! And I love your angel.

    Reminds me of the carnival in Mortonhamstead where all the children in the Woodcraft Folk I used to run made tissue paper and withee canoes to wear around our waists. We all put in so much work. It rained on the day – and the tissue paper fell apart and the wild injum makeup ran down our faces. We got first prize anyway!

    Just in case you don’t pick up my ravelry message to you, I was wondering if you’d be in Monday afternoon for a cuppa? I’m going to Eire tonight and coming back Monday (12.30). My phone no is 0seven80onethree98seven59

    SEason’s greeting and hope you and yours have a wonderful Chrimble and New Year if I don’t see you to tell you.

  4. What beautiful lanterns, especially your gorgeous willow angel! (I love processional theatre ~ it’s magical.) I’ve enjoyed looking through your blog ~ it holds lots of inspiration. =]

    BTW, thanks for dropping by inkberryblue and saying nice things.

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