"It was a long and very ferocious night…"

(John Finn’s Wife – N. Cave and the Bad Seeds)

It bloody is too! The wind here must be hitting at least 70 mph and it’s noisy and I can’t sleep due to nervousness and/or excitement, not sure which really. Today will be pretty easy as it’s an inset day, so there’s no children around, tomorrow it’s in at the deep end!

(Edited later: Found this on the BBC Weather website:

Monday 7 January WEATHER WARNING Severe gales are expected over Wales, Cheshire, Greater Manchester and Merseyside early this morning. Coastal areas and higher ground will *expereince the highest gusts, which may reach 70mph. Driving conditions will be dangerous. Valid until 1000GMT.

*they can’t spell!)

1 week and I’ve already broken my new year resolution!
I bought myself some yarn just before Christmas which I’d had my eyes on for ages,

It’s Jo’s (FreestyleFibre) Romany Handspun yarn, and I love it! (thanks for the super quick delivery Jo)
I’m not a big fan of variegated/self striping yarns generally but I do love the complete randomness of handspun yarns. What I really loved about this one is the tiny areas of really bright threads, fantastic!

(I’m easily excited!)

In the dead of night, I could here it softly calling to me, after casting on for Big J’s Jumper, after making resolutions, it was still calling to me, scrolling through my Ravelry queue, wondering what I was going to knit next (as you do when you’ve decided you’re not allowed) and came across WoollyWormhead’s Jester Hat Pattern (pdf).
I’m weak and I caved in and cast on before I realised what I was doing, although I did finish it in a day, so that’s ok isn’t it? Right?

So there we have it, “Jingle Jester Hat” my first FO for 2008.

The base of the hat was knitted in Romany, on 5mm dpns
(I recommend really long ones) I was worried about not having enough yarn to finish the whole hat in Romany, so swapped to a mixture of Wendy Merino in purple and Freedom Spirit (Twilley’s of Stamford) in blue, then changed back to Romany to finish off and added some bells (from a Christmas decoration I bought in a sale from Tesco) onto the ends of the curly bits.

I’m well chuffed with it, it’s cosy and snug so I’m not likely to loose it in this wind…and everyone will here me coming a mile off!.

Talking about sales, I popped into Brantanos to get some school shoes for the bigger two and found these for Mavis:

She squealed with delight and said “They’re like yours mammy!” Oh, can you imagine, New Rock boots for toddlers?

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8 thoughts on “"It was a long and very ferocious night…"

  1. Wow, love those boots! The hand spun is gorgeous as is the hat. I had to giggle when I saw the spelling of BBC weather.

  2. that’s a cute hat! i don’t think it can really count as too much of a strike against your resolution since it’s finished already. at least, that’s what i wouldd tell myself…

  3. Love the yarn and your new hat, Angie! And well worth breaking your Resolution about finishing before you start the next project;)

    The James Brett looks really great knitted up too. You’ve now got me itching to cast on the Brett Marble DK I’ve got hidden in my stash…

    Want me some of those boots – lucky daughter! Great pic of Ollie peeking:)

  4. Love the hat! I’m attempted to crochet Rheya a hat yesterday, then got annoyed with it and decided to crochet longies instead…lol

  5. Nope, I think anything you can finish in an afternoon doesn’t count. Lovely hat!
    I was trying to puzzle out what your youngest was called – I thought you’d said “Maisie” when I was there – but then I thought your card said “Maris” and now I see I was completely wrong all way round and tis actually “Mavis”. Well – I AM really mutton jeff. Good name!
    Happy New Year m’dear!

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