All aboard for Mount Ararat!

What do you do if it rains for 40 days and 40 nights?

You build an ark, silly!

My BIL, is the best present buyer in the world and no doubt you will see what he bought for us all in due course, this one was bought for Ollie.

A pop-out-and-put-it-together-yerself Noah’s Ark.

The kids have great fun with it for ages, which can only be a good thing considering it has done nothing but rain for what feels like forever and there’s even more to come!

What have I been up to? Apart from making 40 odd shape collage snowmen and making rain plates (a variation on rain sticks but without the nails!) made with rice crispies.
(You fold the plate in half, put the rice crispies inside, seal with selotape and decorate – when you shake it, it sounds like rain – honest!)

I have knitted another quick knit hat, the one and only “Tychus”, which is a pretty effective pattern, but bloody boring to knit, thankfully the yarn I was using, coupled with me being a loose knitter, I only had to do 3 panels instead of the 5 that are called for in the pattern.

(knitted with LionBrand Wool-Ease (the green) and some 100% acrylic Chunky Aran (the cream)I had lurking in my stash on 5.5mm straight needles)

Jasmine has asked me for a multi-coloured one and Mavis piped up with “Can I have a monkey coloured one too?”

(rolls eyes)

With Clarabelle recently venturing into the weaving world, made me kinda homesick for my weaving a little and while there is still not enough room to get the table top loom out, i did bang a few nails into my tapestry loom, which is just the right size to make a bag.

Nothing fancy, just a plain weave and let the various yarns do their thing. Woven in oddment wools, alpaca, handspun BFL, big slubby wool, chunky pure wool…you get the idea, and if I feel like felting it, I can…


I’ve just been asked to do another paid workshop for the 16th of February, which is lucky as that is then end of the half term holiday, so I’ll have time to prepare and organise. I’m going to make it fibre based, maybe needle felting if I can get the materials fast enough, but not entirely sure what yet … watch this space.

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2 thoughts on “All aboard for Mount Ararat!

  1. I love the ark – such a great present! I sense you’re going through a hat phase right now – great looking btw even if it was a dull knit! Love the weaving as well – really makes me want to have a go as well!

  2. that ark is really cute. it looks like fun! i like the hat too, although i can see how it could get boring. at least they’re quick.

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