New Knitting! No, I haven’t quite finished Big J’s jumper, but the back is done and now the round and round bit is finished, it’s moving on quite quickly, so I thought I’d treat myself by casting on something new.

While my sister was over for Christmas, she asked if I would knit her a bolero/cardigan type thing, so we went out and bought yarn, she chose a bright red JCBrett Merino and I said I would design something especially for her.

So I made a start on it on Monday:

I’m using a lace pattern found in The Harmony Guide to Knitting Stitches, called Fern Lace, pretty simple, easy to remember so I’m not likely to lose my place after trying to tear the kids apart (it’s half term here)!

Ollie has a new toy:

He had been pestering for a cat ike Mavis’ until her saw the pattern for this, and asked really nicely if I could make it, how could I refuse?

I have been tagged by the lovely Alice Jean, thank you very much, to list “4”

4 jobs I held
Flaying Start LSA
Craft teacher
Care worker for the elderly
Events organiser

4 movies I like
The Last Samurai
School of Rock
The Empire Strikes Back

4 places I’ve been
Paris, France
Edinburgh, Scotland
Betws Y Coed, N. Wales
Nottingham, England

4 places I lived

4 TV shows/programs I watch
The Bill
The Simpsons

4 Radio-shows I listen to
Planet Rock
6 Music
Radio 2

4 favorite foods
Cheese sandwiches

4 places I’d rather be
Betws Y Coed
On the beach
In bed

The 4 I tag

Ms Blethers
Dierdre at Unravellings
Jo at FreestyleFibre
Terri at KnitKnack Paddywack

Don’t feel you have to do it girls!

I had a great time in school last week, making Chinese dragons to celebrate the Chinese New year.

I had to prepare 50 of these things, at school the children painted the dragon faces and chose the colours for the tissue paper tails.

I love learning about different cultures, and is one thing I really miss about living in Leicester, is being in the middle of a hugely multicultural society and being able to see the various festivities and traditions first hand, from Diwali to Gay Pride.
I was quite sad when Jasmine stopped wearing Indian Bindis, she used to love them, but here, no one else wears them, so she got a bit self conscious and naturally they’re not so readily available!

Talking about traditions…

Topic of the Week #4: Valentine’s Day

I know this isn’t knitting related, but I thought I’d ask you to share your favourite Valentine’s Day memory, or your current plans for this year. Just to share some love. 🙂

I am so not romantic, at all! J and I rarely celebrate Valentine’s Day, simply because it’s a waste of money. We decided not to celebrate Valentine’s a long time ago, although he did surprise me one year, I was heavily pregnant with my first daughter and knowing that I don’t like cut flowers (I prefer them to grow in my garden – alive) he bought me a miniature rose bush…sadly I had to leave it in Leicester when we moved (with all my other house and outdoor plants) as we had no room to bring it with us 😦

Favourite love songs:

Now playing: Richard Thompson – Uninhabited Man
via FoxyTunes

Now playing: Marilyn Manson – Personal Jesus
via FoxyTunes

Now playing: Ween – Help Me Scrape the Mucus off My Brain
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11 thoughts on “Celebrations

  1. Our half term is next week up here in the north!! 😉 I like the red colour your sister has chosen, the lace will look really pretty in it. Nice octopus too 🙂

  2. I can’t wait to see your design. It is looking pretty so far. My favourite valentine’s memory is my first spent with my husband. It was nothing special (zoo, cinema, meal) but I realised that he was something special.

  3. You tagged me?! How kind!
    Valentine? And I’m wed to the greatest unromantic guy of all time? Well – he has his moments.

    I agree with you about cut flowers though…

  4. You made 50 paper dragons for the children? That is a labour of love!

    I used to work in a really diverse community. A lot of people were struggling financially but they were incredibly rich culturally. It was a genuine privilege to work amongst them.

    …and as for Valentine’s Day ~ I’m making alternative arrangements…I’m going to celebrate International Quirkyalone Day instead! =P

  5. It is fun to read you 4! It is my intention to watch Primeval for quite some time now, but for some reason I’ve missed it every time. I love how your lace knitting is turning out.
    That octopus is too cute!

  6. Your octopus is gorgeous! He looks fantastic. Also, your valentine memory is lovely. Am enjoying reading your topics of the week!
    Secret Swap pal

  7. You have been busy 🙂 love the octopus and your mask making takes me back to when I was teaching with ALL that prep needed in the evenings !! great fun though and I bet they all loved it .
    A card is lovely at Valentine but love doesn’t need a special day in my opinion .
    Oh great songs ,love RT (have a few of his albums) and I haven’t heard Manson doing that song,brilliant. It’s driving me nuts who I ‘ve heard sing it !!’@@@!! Cohen ? I know I have it somehwere !!

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