Go ahead, make my day!

(photo taken by Dylan aged 5)

I have been awarded the “Make my Day” by the wonderful Kath at Kath’s Kreations, thank you so much Kath, this truly did make my day.

The Blurb…

“Give the award to 10 people whose blogs bring you happiness and inspiration and make you feel happy about blogland. Let them know by posting a comment on their blog so they can pass it on. Beware you may get the award several times.”

Before I begin listing 10, let it be known that you all make my day, what I will do, is not pick any that Kath did,

Belaybunny at The Cabled Climber for her cycling, knitting and sewing advetures.

Lizet at Alice Jean for her thoughtfulness (coffee swap) and her amazing knitting and beautiful children

Angie at Blog Blethers for the wonderful things you say, ya minx!

Elizabeth at Deep Sea Knitting for her wonderful photography.

To Kendra and Fiberjinx for their wonderful knitting and brand new babies!
Talking of babies, Terri too, La lala lala la……

InkberryBlue for her amazing crafting abilities.

SouleMama for the inspiration.

and last but most definitely not least Seahorse for her wonderful garden.

Pass it on girls, spread the love…

So, it’s been half term, so much time to do…stuff.
What have I done?
Absolutely nothing, not craftwise anyway, just a lot of swapping furniture around, tidying the house and all that rubbish.

What I have done is had a bit of a Stash Spending Spree (see, SSS need not be a dirty word/acronym/whatever!)

For Dylan…


For Jasmine…

Both patterns are in the March issue of Let’s Knit.

The yarns are Sirdar “Calico”, cotton/acrylic in a sweet minty green and for Jasmine, Wendy “Beach Baby”, acrylic/polyamide, super soft and pretty pinks/blues and purples.

I also picked up these in a charity shop…

I don’t think they even came to £1!

And, I did finish this yesterday (well almost, she’s a bit naked at the moment!)

What I thought was going to be a quick knit, ended up taking 3 days! “Sali Mali” as she has been named started life as this…
but I couldn’t cope with the idea of 4 needles for just 11sts, so I crocheted her arms and legs.

Made from acrylic, unlabeled stash.

She’s loved!


7 thoughts on “Go ahead, make my day!

  1. Thank you for the award! OMG, you know how to make me blush, woman:) But really appreciate it, Angie.

    Love Sali Mali. All wee girls should have such a cherished doll, shouldn’t they? I made one years ago for elder daughter in jade green and cerise pink. Lauren loved it and the blessed thing features almost as much as the bride in my cousin’s wedding pics!

    Can’t believe you’ve lived in Greenock! Or that ‘quaint fishing village on the Clyde’ as my Greenockonian friend calls it. I was born and raised in Dunoon!!

  2. Love Sali-Mali… as well as the pic of your son off the top –

    I get such a kick out of old knitting patterns – the pictures are so dated, even if sometimes the actualy styles aren’t – such fun!

  3. I’d like to say thank you very much too. I’m chuffed. =]

    I love your very cute Make My Day photo, I think your doll is sweet and I’m very envious of your retro Learn To Crochet book find!

    Happy Sunday.

  4. Love Sali Mali – she’s really sweet! Lovely to see she’s being loved as well. And I have to say Snap to the crochet book – except mine was my Nains!

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