Y Pasg Hapus (Happy Easter)

Happy Easter to you all whether you celebrate it for what it is or drown in chocolate, it’s a good excuse to have fun!
The above pictures are from the Easter Bonnet Parade we had on the last day of term, and yes the staff have to join in too, hence my very quickly put together Easter headband, notice the stitch markers!

The kids made all these themselves, apart from a little help given to the little ones, who needed pointers on where the glue was meant to go!

Jasmine, being in the junior class, was too old for Easter bonnets and their Easter task is to decorate an egg, this year I left it completely up to her, and not very surprising, this is what she came up with…

*rolls eyes*

On the knitting front, there’s no knitting front, it’s more like a lagging behind. I’ve not had a great deal of time to knit, although I am hoping to get this cardigan finished for church today.

The Pinwheel Sweater knitted in Posh Yarn’s Eva (Blue Murder) and Splish Splash cotton on a size 4mm circular.

It was actually a very quick knit and I’ve only had one sleeve to do for about 2 weeks, which has been totally frustrating!
I’ve only got about 10 rows of garter stitch to do now.


5 thoughts on “Y Pasg Hapus (Happy Easter)

  1. Pasg hapus i ti hefyd!

    It’s nice to hear from you, I was wondering how you were.

    So, who is your sister, and when was she at Aber?

  2. Love your cardi- nice and bright for spring! Damn you and your flash player LOL, i’m making my own now…. or will be when my songs have uploaded!

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