Ch, ch, ch changes…

If you’re here, you’ve obviously followed the link from my old new blogger blog…

Hello and welcome to the Riggwelter Blog. I am no longer JazzyCrafts, although the content is pretty much the same.

As explained on blogger, I have been thinking for a while about getting a new site, where the navigation is easier (for me at least) and I’ve been secretly putting this one together, getting to know thee tools and widgets, how things work, so it looks like I actually know what I’m doing!

You’ll find links to Knit related bookmarks I keep, music videos, and (I think) you can download free knitting patterns from that orange box on the far right.

We no longer have to scroll forever to get to favourite blogs and other interesting and helpful links.

Feel free to let me know what you think, good or bad (I’m a big girl now, I can take it!)

EDIT: 28th March

I got buttons! …..well I’m excited anyway! The only thing, it seems I can’t change is the font size, unless I pay to change my CSS stylesheet

Uh, nope, it seems I got that too….woohoo!
Now playing: Frank Zappa – I’m The Slime
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Now playing: Charlie Hunter Trio – Come As You Are
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13 thoughts on “Ch, ch, ch changes…

  1. I like it, especially the picture in the header.
    A couple of the pictures in the third column aren’t displaying properly – the Ravelry, Project 365 and free patterns – but that could just be my PC!

  2. I like it! Especially the header picture, that you’ve separated into four. Only negative thing I can come up with is that the “text area” might be a little narrow, but then I like to let the text and pictures take up some space, so it might just be a matter of preference. It won’t stop me from visiting at least!
    Overall, thumbs up, and good luck with your blog-restart! 😀

  3. Yikes all new here 🙂 Not sure if I like it or not as I find it a bit cluttered for my taste but it won’t stop me from coming here 🙂 Love the header though

  4. I looked into moving to WordPress a few weeks back, but when I moved over from Blogger, all my old links were lost. I couldn’t figure out how to sort this out, so I gave up and went back to Blogger (not that anyone noticed).

    I would appreciate your advice!

  5. Nice. I’m interested to read about your experiences with WordPress ~ so many people seem to graduate to it from Blogger. Maybe I will too.
    …and I love your impromptu Easter bonnet!

  6. Yep I followed the link and found you. I loike the header, but if I’m honest I agree with Terese about the text being narrow – but also that it won’t stop me visiting.

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