Housework is bad for you!

Really bad!

Remember me saying I wanted that tank top finished by the beginning of this week?

Remember me saying that they would be my famous last words?

I ended up spending most of Saturday in A&E after trying to change the sheets on my bed!

I pulled the sheet, but ended up pulling the mattress too, so I let go of the sheet, but somehow, my little finger got trapped in the sheet and was holding the weight of the mattress, and naturally, my finger went snap!


I thought maybe I had just pulled it at first, so wrapped it in a cold, wet, tea towel but it was beginning to swell hurt quite badly. I took it to the local hospital where (after nearly an hours wait) they told me there was no X-ray at the weekend, and no, it couldn’t wait until Monday because fingers are too important (tell me about it!).


Luckily a cousin was around to drive me to Withybush, otherwise it would have been a wait for the bus and then an hours journey, so got there in about 30 mins. I had another hours wait to get x-rayed and then another half an hour to see the consultant. At which point I was feeling pretty pathetic holding up my little finger (whilst people around me had much more serious problems, it seemed like such a lot of trouble (and waiting) just to be told that it was definitely not broken, but dislocated and must have re-located itself, hence the bad swelling and the blue-ness of my finger!

The finger was strapped up and I was sent home for the kids to laugh at me!

It’s not too bad now, but because the swelling has gone down, I can move my finger more and so I keep knocking it, knitting is painful and writing is damn near impossible!

Anyway, I did get the tank top finished on Tuesday, but haven’t started on anything else yet. Ollie loves it, he wore it all day Tuesday (whilst gardening) then got up yesterday morning and the first thing he said to me was “Mummy, can I wear my new jumper?” (And then we spent most of the day at the beach). So this morning I’m gonna have to sneak it in the wash!




(above: the kids are sowing seeds in a little flower patch for them all).

(below: my new herb garden, curry, rosemary, sage, fennel and chives and a rhubarb…yum!)

Remind me, never again to set a time for when I would like a project finished….no, remind me never again to change the sheets…I’ll get Big J to do it!


12 thoughts on “Housework is bad for you!

  1. ouch, that must hurt. I broke my little finger, so I know what it’s like – you don’t realise how much you use all of your fingers till you can’t use one of them 😉 I hope it’s better soon.

    I love your little boy’s jumper, he looks really happy with it.

  2. That finger looks very painful. Love the tank top, and it looks beautiful on your son.
    Your blog posts are across a very narrow measure on my computer – just a quarter of the page.

  3. Egads woman what are you doing to yourself. Breaking your little finger is neither big nor clever.

    As as every-one else has said, your son looks adorable in his jumper.

  4. OUCH , ouch I bet that hurt !! It was Withybush I went to on New Years Day when that dog bit me, Delighful place (not !!)
    Love the tank top and doesn’t he look great in it
    Are you going to Wonderwool ? We will be staying on site in the van for the whole weekend so if you fancy a meet up ? !!!

  5. Your son is absolutely adorable in his new vest, or tank –

    but your finger – oh, that looks painful! Hope it heals quickly – and thanks for checking on me, Angie – it’s nice to be back…

  6. Gorgeous pic of him in his tank, sorry about your mishap Angie, hope your finger gets well soon, also have you linked this new blog to your Ravelry, only that’s how I normally keep updated to new posts and it seems I have somehow missed a couple.


  7. Poor you! A dislocated finger sounds extremely painful and you deserve as much fuss and attention as you can get!

    Ollie’s tank is gorgeous – he looks so proud!

    ps I must update to your new URL – off to do it now…

  8. Only you could dislocate a finger making a bed(!) make sure you can wiggle it well after the sweling goes down – I did the same thing to my finger and now it’s permanently (slightly) bent. If you can’t straighten yours, go get physio!
    Tank top is lovely (as is the wearer!)

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