Nose to the Grindstone.


Yes, after two weeks holiday that went in the blink of an eye, (don’t blink, don’t even blink!) (oh I am such a geek!) it’s back to a very long term, although I must say, it is wonderful to be in a job and be able to have time off with the children without the stresses of haggling and juggling for it. I am now (happily) back into the throes of being covered in paint and glue and temper tantrums (and that’s mostly the staff!)

I’m looking forward to doing loads of junk modeling this term, I love it! I’ve been searching for loads of ideas and fell in love with this snake, but I think I’ll do the child’s name instead of numbers.

I also found an interesting debate going on in a small part of cyberland, basically someone has said that we are not to use food packaging in junk modeling, eg; cereal and egg boxes, yoghurt pots, etc. in case of allergies.
I think it’s all a bit too much, health and safety gone mad. If the junk it thoroughly cleaned, surely it would be ok to use?

What do you crafties out there think?


What have I been up to knit wise? Not a great deal. I made a lovely pair of gloves over the holiday, I had been wanting to use my Sophia “Reckless” from Posh Yarn for ages, the softness of the yarn cried out to be gloves, so, as you do, I dived into Ravelry, headfirst, hoping I’d re-surface at some point. Luckily I didn’t have to go too deep before I found what I wanted.

Spirogyra from Knitty, I thought was a really simple but effective pattern, and I managed to make, not only both (yes, both!), but both in two days! woohoo, that’s got to be a first for me!

I don’t have the little holes like Lynne Vogel does, I think I’ve been doing my YF’s the wrong way again, still, I still love ’em and thank you Dee for such a lovely yarn.

I’ve also made a start on Muir, but not enough to photograph yet. Do you like my makeshift ball winder?

As you know (or may not know) my husband is a knitter too and he shocked me the other day to say he was bored with it, (bored? bored? You can’t get bored of knitting!) I found out later that he’s not bored with knitting as such but wanted to learn a new technique, so I promptly kitted him out with stuff to learn cable knitting…

Some yummy coloured acrylic/wool mixes in green, cable needle and a pattern to make Jasmine a new hat. At the minute he’s sat in bed practising with the Harmony book of Knitted Stitches, as you do!

That’s about it, so I leave you with my song for the day,
Jesus almost got me – Anita Lane

Have a great weekend!

6 thoughts on “Nose to the Grindstone.

  1. How wonderful is your hubbie! All that sharing of knitterly things! Igor would sooner extract his own eyeball than pick up a knitting needle.

    The Spirogyra gloves look great (it’s such a nice pattern, isn’t it) and good luck with Muir!

  2. glad you are on the mend, busy and knitting for Wales as usual, no itchy pants as yet? What yarn is it yo’ve set aside for Muir?
    best wishes


  3. What gorgeous handwarmers and what a cool husband! I’m looking forward to seeing the Muir when you have pictures ~ it’s a beautiful pattern.

    Allergies are such a complication, aren’t they? I appreciate how serious some allergies are ~ a girlfriend’s little girl has such severe allergies to nuts, dairy foods and eggs that she would be put at risk doing junk modeling. We once all went to an Ikea coffeeshop where she must have come across an invisible smear of cheese or something on the table. By the time we got home she was covered in hives, poor love. ( She’s been taken off to hospital twice too, as a consequence of her allergic reactions, even though her mother watches her like a hawk. ) Everybody at school and out of school is informed about her condition though. When I do craft with children I ‘ve already been informed if anyone has allergies and I’ve been told what they’re allergic to, so I can adjust the materials I use. Do you get that sort of information in your craft group?
    Wow…I’ve written a lot, haven’t I?! I’m going to stop and wish you a happy weekend!

  4. Very interesting debate about junk modelling. We just found out our daughter might have asthma (she is allergic to peanuts, soya and wheat), it never occurred to me food packaging could be a trigger.

    The gloves are great! Lovely colour.

  5. What a cool husband! I hope he enjoyed the cables. I try to teach mine to knit, but he’s shy cuz he’s a lefty. Not that it matters…

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