Back to nature.

Or should I subtitle this “The day I nearly went to Wonderwool Wales – and totally peed that I didn’t!”

The wonderful Forbidden Knitter offered a lift, I had so much planned, I wanted to meet Posh Dee of Posh Yarns and Artis-Anne and her daughter Kath, I wanted to spend time in what only could be described as a little bit if heaven, and what happens?

I got ill, it started with a sore throat, which became a tummy bug and then a full blow flu-ey thing. I’ve been feeling so low and lethargic of late (try saying that after a few!) I haven’t done much in the way of crafts at all, especially knitting. I’m actually beginning to wonder if Clarabelle did actually steal my mojo after all.

Still, I suppose there’s always next year.

But, after having nearly a week off work (but with either 2 or more of the kids as they’ve been poorly too) I am feeling much better now and can stare gormless-ly at the monitor without getting dizzy!

We all took a walk on Saturday, to clear the cobwebs, firstly to Brunel Quay, just across the Cleddau Bridge.
It’s a wonderful, if not blustery walk over the river Cleddau to Neyland where we walked along the last remains of the South Wales Railway, built by Isambard Kingdom Brunel (hence the name of the quay).

We carried on along the cycle path (a bit that Jim looks after for Sustrans) to the Nature Reserve.

Mavis was so desperately wanting to chat to this swan, despite me telling her it wouldn’t be happy about it.

The best bit of this cycle route, for me, is that it’s completely off-road, the children can wander around exploring nature without too much worry.

After several hours of walking, and frequent “wee stops” we guessed that the kids were getting tired and followed the nearest exit to civilisation (if you can all it that in Pembrokeshire!) and caught the next bus home.

The children were so interested in the flowers and birds and bugs, that much so, that I bought them a wormery. As I was planting my veg (we have carrots, radish, onions, lettuce, and mixed leaves- I’ll leave those for another post now though) I let them set it all up and look for worms. There is actually an ulterior motive for the wormery. I am organising an exhibition for The Pembroke Dock Midsummer Festival again this year, on Pembrokeshire Wildlife, so I thought it would be fun for the children who visit, to see how the worms live.

There’s not a great deal going on yet, they must be Pembrokeshire worms!

And finally, as for knitting, I’ve not done a lot. I’ve made a little more progress on Big J’s jumper, which should be finished just in time for the summer!

Song for this post – Midnight Man – Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds


10 thoughts on “Back to nature.

  1. Sorry to hear you’ve been ill; I didn’t get to Wonderwool either, so I do commiserate. And I didn’t nick your mojo (not this time, anyway – ha!).

    Lovely photos of your walk, and the wormery looks a great educational idea for the kids – (just please keep it in Pembrokeshire…).

    Well done with Big J’s jumper – looking good!

  2. Poor you and you were sorley missed; we spent the weekend looking out for you 😦
    LOL I think Clarabelle nicks everyones knitting mojo at times;-)
    Take crae and keep well and we WILLL get to meet up one of these days !!

  3. I’m sorry to hear you were ill, but glad to hear you’re feeling better. It appears you had quite a lovely nature walk, though. It’s always nice to get out a bit in the spring.

  4. I’m sorry that you’ve been poorly ~ I hope you’re feeling a lot better now. The photographs of your nature walk bring back lovely memories of living in Britain as a child ~ everything’s so green and wet and pretty! Great jumper too ~ I like the stripes. =]

  5. oh no, sorry to hear you missed wonderwool. I couldn’t go either, but for in-law reasons 😉 I love the stripy jumper. I got to meet the lovely artis-anne yesterday 🙂

  6. A bit late saying it but you were indeed missed at WonderWool – there’s always next year! When is the Pembroke Midsummer Festival? We’ll be in Broadhaven from the 13th of June, it would be lovely to bump into you!! Lovely photos of your walk BTW!

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