I’m Back!

I know, I’ve been away for such a long time with internet breakdown’s, lack of knitting to show you and just generally busy, but it seems I am getting back on track.

I’m now on a new computer, well no an old computer but no longer my laptop as it has been swiped by my husband who needed it more than me!

I’ve been concentrating mainly on getting this “Pembrokeshire Wildlife” exhibition going which I think is going to be great. I have an art competition going on with the local school and people from Nature Trust, and their friends, Misu Hughes a local artist, and all sorts…this is all being set up next Friday, just panicing now and hoping everyone will turn up!

I’m also trying to get a piece done myself, in crochet, for speed! I’ll show you photos once I can get the camera linked up to this computer.

What else?

I have signed up for the Tour de France KAL again this year, as it was so much fun last year. I’ve even taken on being a team leader. I’m going for the Polka Dot shirt again,

learning new techniques, not sure what yet though.

Now to catch up on everyones’s blogs!


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