Testing 1 2 3

I’m just testing on this page. It seems, to my annoyance that I have no Photoshop on this computer and have had to travel into unchartered programs such as Picassa2….even more to my annoyance it also seems that I am unable to change my image size, so I am wondering (or possibly wandering) if the ridiculous size of image my camera takes, is going to take forever to upload onto here….so, here goes.

This was a display I have done at work for Spring. A butterfly using handprints from the children and staff. I had pinched the idea from another school in the area!

Anyway, it took a while to load, so I’m not happy! I just hope it doesn’t take ages for all you guys. Let me know won’t you.

This is the crochet piece I am working on for the exhibition, it’s a mixture of ripple stitches and a mixture of yarns, although all are natural fibres, in green and blue, depicting the sea crashing into land. I shall be adding 3D shapes of shells and flowers and seaweed later…hopefully!

Roll on Friday!


7 thoughts on “Testing 1 2 3

  1. Very pretty butterfly! What operating system do you have? I know you can get a free basic image resizer on XP. And it might be worth downloading the Gimp if you want a Photoshop type program without paying Photoshop type prices.

    It’d be fun to meet up sometime. One day this summer maybe?

  2. Oh very pretty and look forward to seeing the seascape completed,as always you seem to have been busy creating πŸ™‚
    I have to say I rather reading your blog in this format but that just me …….easily confused these days !!

  3. I love the sea themed crochet, it’s looking great. I can see the images fine too. I like the new layout of your page πŸ˜‰

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