In which there is no knitting…again!

What a weekend, I don’t think I’ve sat down since Friday evening! We’re redecorating at the moment and needed to get the boys room finished as we had friends from Leicester who were going to stay, (but are coming next weekend now) and Jim officially starts his new job today as a bicycle mechanic, so everything in there needed finishing.

It’s not a big room, in fact it’s tiny, but it needed a lot of re plastering and holes filling in and all that faffing stuff! Then Jim decided it would be good to paint the floor!

I must admit, it was worth all the waiting…

When I wasn’t knee deep in paint, I was knee deep in…well…paint!

I was silly, again and agreed to help paint people’s faces before the Midsummer Parade, despite the fact that I had never, ever, painted faces before, so quickly practised on the kids (mine that is)

This is Ollie posing as “Under the Sea”

Jasmine as the “Seaside”

and Mavis as “Sunset on a Desert Island”

hee hee, it was good fun and kept me busy for a few hours!

I was hoping to find some photos of the parade, but I haven’t found any yet…there’s the midsummer festival website.     Ah, here we are…here

Though I must add, the quality is rubbish, it seems such a shame to have such a huge, brilliant event where so many people have worked so hard…and have rubbish pictures to show.

Hopefully Mike’s will be better!

As, for knitting, there’s still nothing to report, I’m waiting for the start of the Tour de France to unleash the needles! As I’m attempting the Polka Dot sweater again, King of the Mountains, which is about learning new skills, I am attempting fine lace, which admittedly I am rubbish at! So I may do the Muir which is a nice, easy pattern.

I did find this handy website for crocheters…

have a good week folks.


6 thoughts on “In which there is no knitting…again!

  1. Ah, decorating… a thing of the past for me, thankfully, as Igor’s brother is a painter/decorator… yippee!

    The face-painting looks fun! And looking forward to photos of Muir…

  2. I love Muir, I would have joined in the Tour De France Knitalong myself this year but with my coursework my knitting becomes a bit disjointed!

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