The needles have been unleashed…

It’s that time of year again…where I fetch out the beret, the garlic, the croissants and the polka dot jersey.

It’s Tour de France time! The drug takers and cheaters have been weaseled out and replaced by a load of nuttty knitters (though I can’t speak for all 🙂 I am Team Leader of Team Quick Step

adn have been rounding up the team, for the Team Time Trials in which we were told to find out about Team Quick Step and invent something knitterly related to them.

Firstly we became Team Quick Stitch as named by Gretchen

EDIT: Team Quick Stitch was actually invented by Jennifer, sorry Jennifer and thank you Gretchen!

I discovered Quick Step sell a knitted rib cap, so thought we could do the same with our new logo invented by Madalyn

And wrist warmers/band with Q S on them… I haven’t started knitting mine but basically to measure around your wrist, cast on enough sts accordingly. One one side of the rectangle, fit in the Q S as above and once you have the length you need, cast off and sew the seams, oh and make two. Maybe you could have Q one one and S on the other?

I have mentioned before that I would try and knit some fine lace…the trouble I have here is concentration, I always end up with less sts than I should have and am blind to where I have gone wrong. So, after looking at the chart for Muir…decided that the pattern as wonderful as it is, would be best knitted during my summer hols when I can sit and relax of and evening. Right now I am still at work, so I need something even simpler. I have designed something myself, I can follow the pattern as I have set blocks so I know where I am if I have to suddenly stop and prize children apart, change stinkin’ nappies, realise and that I haven’t got dressed and not made lunch boxes yet or any of those other mindless tasks a working mother needs to do.

So we have it.

“Diamants de Fougère” knitted with Shlunkies , I think it’s silk and lambswool, but I’ll have to check that. It’s a scarfish shawl type thing for those wonderful summer evenings where you go for a ride (on the bike) and have high tea, enjoy the view (I’ll take a photo of that view sometime), wrapped in a shlunkie shawl all nice and warm. (I can dream can’t I?)

Je vous verrai de l’autre côté


7 thoughts on “The needles have been unleashed…

  1. I like the idea of the knitting cap and wrist warmers. I just don’t know how I’ll get to them in the midst of working on my Tour project. (After all, I am The World’s Slowest Knitter!) 😛

  2. I will definitely NOT be knitting any lace while trying to watch the race. Even when I’m alone with no distractions I can get a bit careless if one of those internal dialogues starts up in my brain, because I think This is an easy bit! and start to relax.
    So I’m hoping plain stocking stitch with intarsia patterning will be challenging without being distressing.
    And what better than a wrist warmer when even that fails!

  3. I shall enjoy watching the tour this year as a spectator (knitting from the sidelines).

    I shall enjoy routing for Team QuickStitch.

    Good luck for the prologue.

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