Sentiment de l’effort

What a fantastic win for Cavendish in stage 5!

Photo taken from here

I feel like one of Team Quick Step at the moment sitting in the back, cycling like mad but getting nowhere. The challenge I have chosen really is a challenge, not just the lace but also sticking to one pattern and colour (I do love the colour of this yarn). Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t lost interest yet, but the Shlunkies is a bit itchy, I’m hoping it will soften up after a wash and it smells like it’s been in storage for about 5 years! The other members of my team are keeping me going with all their amazing projects.

It’s grown a little bit, I’d prefer to be a bit further on than this, but between having to make Pirate costumes for 3 of my children, visiting the leisure centre for “Body Combat” and learning “Signalong” and a full time job, I don’t think I’ve done too bad! I’m on strike next Wednesday and Thursday (for better pay as usual) so I can get quite a bit done then, and then it’s an opthamologist appointment for Ollie, so that’s another afternoon off on Friday and than it’s the summer holidays…WOOHOO!

Right now I am so proud of my eldest daughter…look what she got in the post today.

A poem that she wrote in school has been chosen for publication in an anthology of children’s poems

“The Big Green Poetry Machine Poems from Wales”. A published poet at 8 years old! (Gushy mothery bit!)

Well I suppose I better get back to the knitting.

Have a great weekend.


12 thoughts on “Sentiment de l’effort

  1. yes, well done Cav!!! 😉

    you seem to be plodding on – I feel like that too, I’m definately at the back of the peleton!!! but the lace is looking great and it will be worth it in the end, I’m sure. 😀

  2. Wow, I haven’t visited for a while ~ you’ve been so busy! Your knitting looks gorgeous (I love lace), those pirates are extremely cute and I think your teddy bears are fabulous ~ I’d really like to make them with the seven and eight year olds I work with. Congratulations on your daughter’s accomplishment too. No wonder you’re proud. =]

  3. It’s fabulous to watch you doing so many things, really racing away with this years tour, and managing the job and family, your pirates look fabulous, congratulations on your literary talent, keep on pedalling!x

  4. Wow, you’ve been busy! I’m not surprised you don’t have more done on the knitting, what with the pirates and job and trips. Summer holidays are definitely something to look forward to. The lace looks like it’s coming along well, can’t wait to see more.

  5. im stuck on this angie how do i send this message 2 you kids look really good look at ollie laughing bless him

  6. got the hang of it now i can change nappies but a pc no good have not got a clue but getting there c u soon hope u had a good nite out

  7. There’s nothing quite like boasting about one’s kids…

    I THINK I signed up for the TdF KAL somewhere – but damn if I can remember where… OOPs. You seem to be getting along OK – Just think how beautiful lace is once blocked – and that’ll sweep you onwards.

  8. Wow, you totally should be proud and I love your pirates.
    Category 2 climbs hurt but remember they are followed by rapid decents. The lace looks gorgeous and will start to fly soon.

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