Fern Diamonds Update

I came to desicion on Friday that I would have to change my pattern slightly for my Tour de France project. I am terrible for keeping to patterns as you may or may not know, I get bored easily. In keeping with “Diamants” I decided on a Diamond Lace border.

Which could have gone either way, as Phil or Paul said during stage four, as some cyclists went left around the roundabout (most went right) “You shouldn’t have gone that way my dear boy, you’ve slipped back 30 places”, but I found it spurred me on a bit, as I wanted to finish the border by the end of the weekend, and I did! Instead of going back to the original pattern, I shall be knitting a bit of Fern Lace so I am in keeping with “Fougère” too. Oh how I love my Harmony Guide to Knitting Stitches!

What I am desperately worried about now, is not having enough yarn! I have ordered more Lambswool/Silk from Shunklies, it’s not the same colour as she didn’t have any, but at least it’s the same yarn, it’s a bit pinkier…so we’ll just have to see what it looks like.

Only two days to go until I finish work for the summer!


5 thoughts on “Fern Diamonds Update

  1. That’s looking good! It’s always fun when you can alter something to make it work the way you want it to. Keeping my fingers crossed you don’t run out of yarn. (And yay! for the hols!)

  2. Splendide, mon ami! It’s gorgeous! (I must get some of those Harmony Guides.) I’m looking forward to seeing it when you’ve crossed the finish line. Happy holidays to you too. =]

  3. Looking great and I think its best to go the lesser travelled way (some you win, others you loose).
    Orange and pink look great together but hopefully you’ll have the pink for another project.

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