Innovate or Die!

watch this

-vat·ed, -vat·ing. –verb (used without object)

1. to introduce something new; make changes in anything established.

Quite frankly I’m inclined to agree. As it was a rest day for the TdF cyclists, and Lord knows they deserve it! I had a rest from the scarf and started to crochet a market bag. I’ve been meaning to make one (or a few) for a while, as I am a strong follower of the reusable bag, it’s quick to make, especially in crochet and I needed to do something completely different from the scarf before I get annoyingly bored with it and end up chucking the whole lot in a corner. This was the initial reason for the wrist warmers, but I’ve already done mine.

Made with 2 strands of 4ply cotton, a size 12mm hook and lots of DC’s!

I’ve made a start on the “Fern Lace” which you can barely see here, it’s grown a bit more now, but I need some new batteries for the camera.

I’ll have another go at that later while I’m watching the tour, live because I’m at home now! woohoo.

I was reading Marge’s blog yesterday and nearly agreed with her when she said she wasn’t getting any exersise whislt knitting but when I thought about it, I do get a fair amount.

I don’t know about you but I love a cup of coffee with my knitting, (whether I drink it or not!) so I’ll often put the kettle on and sit down to knit. Now this is all well and good if you have an electric kettle which turns itself off, I do not, mine is a stove kettle and I often have to run into the kitchen to avoid the bottom burning out!

Then there’s mornings where there are several types of sprint, for example the “Damn I’ve not got the lunch boxes done!” or the “Bugger, I’m not even ready for work yet!” or even the “Oh Poo, better get the kids dressed!” and more often than not I end up running around the house like a mad person! And then running as fast and four year old legs will go!

There’s also the obvious ones like the Body Combat I do on a Tuesday night which is an exersise routine based on martial arts, which keeps my upper body toned while the cycling sorts out my legs. I took the bike out last night actually after the gym.

because Big J wanted his cycling magazines! That had to be done pretty quickly too as I have no lights on my bike at the moment!

Saying that, most of the cycle path is off the road anyway, but you never know.

That said, I’m off to fetch the little ones from the childminder (they’d have been going today anyway if I’d have been at work- so they might aswel go today and give us all a break – except Karon!) and then it’s off to a meeting with the community group I’m involved in…what do they say? No rest for the wicked?



3 thoughts on “Innovate or Die!

  1. Well, you inspired me I have been to the gym three days in a row now (actually one day I walked with a really really fit friend) did I mention I’m not fit? If the TDFer’s can ride those mountains after only one day of rest, I can move the mountain that is my behind.

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