Intermediate Sprint #2

The Regional Challenge:
Every region and town in France seems to have its very own specialty wine, cheese, or produce that it is particularly well known for. One of the joys of the Tour de France is to discover the flavours which characterise each region. This week’s intermediate sprint is all about regions:

Cycling Option: Get on your bike and show us something special about your own region where you live and cycle!

I thought long and hard about this option. I could show you the wonderful beaches, the stunning coastline, the fabulous views of rolling countryside, the old woolen mills and farms, stately homes and castles, all things bright and beautiful. I decided on the not so beautiful, but utterly intriguing, to me anyway, The Dockyards:

For such a small town, a small, deprived, dismal town, it’s hold a lot of history. Pembroke Dock has played a major part in building ships which helped to fight Napoleon, hence the two Martello Towers,

to housing the Sunderland Flying Boats.

This is the propeller of one that had sunk in the dock. The rest of the plane is still under the sea bed, although some engine parts have been raised.

There’s also the RAF bases, army barracks, the military presence was strong before WWII but the dock was destroyed after a serious bombing. The town went into decline and it’s taking a long time to find it’s way back to the surface again.

My favourite dock history is this…

Yep, the Millennium Falcon from the Star Wars Trilogy was first built here! The one and only full scale model of the ship, and there’s absolutely nothing here to show for it apart from this.



5 thoughts on “Intermediate Sprint #2

  1. I’m with Deirdre… I’m a sucker for small dismal towns which are struggling to regain their heyday – but Millenium Falcon!??! I’m sold. When’s the next flight?

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