you reap what you sow.

I am so pleased with my garden at the moment, considering when we first moved in, it was completely overgrown, so much so that underneath the bindweed and brambles we found a picnic table and a canoe!

The table is long gone now as it disintegrated soon after we uncovered it, but the canoe still serves a purpose, sadly not the one it was built for but as a plant pot.

It’s taken four years, to get it how it is now, it still needs a proper lawn sowing, but at least now I can leave for more than a week and not have to fight through the bindweed again.

We’ve had a great crop of apples this year (I suppose that’s helped more by the next door neighbour having apples too)

we’ve also ventured into growing veg. The soil in the garden is too dry and nowhere near nutritious enough yet, so we bought a load of deep pots and some yummy compost, and planted…I’m afraid you’ve missed the radish, we’ve eaten those and silly me forgot to take photos!

We also tried the carrots the other day…

Which were lovely and sweet.

We also have onions and cherry tomatoes and I’m hoping for some potatoes too. We did have lettuce which were doing really well until a mob of slug pellet immune slugs ate 3 of the 4!

As for my knitting, I’m becoming a lot more confident with this lace business now, especially as I’ve had to rip it out once or twice, but I am now beginning to recognise the difference between K2tog and PSSO stitches, when I’m trying to work out where I am mid row.

There still remains the impatience, but I’m sure when it’s washed and blocked, I will reap the benefits of a beautiful lace scarf and feel I have the confidence and knowledge to do it all again.

Hasn’t the Tour de France been good this year? Cavendish with his 4 stage wins, the drugs and scandal, the crashes, fantastic, better than Coronation Street any day!


4 thoughts on “you reap what you sow.

  1. Our garden is still crazily overgrown (we moved into this house last year and haven’t had time to deal with it)…I hope eventually we can turn ours around like you did with yours!

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