La Fin

Well, that’s it for another year, our Quick Step man Gert Steegmans made an appearance in the end and won the last race, if you’re going to go for one, that’s the one! As anticipated, Carlos Sastre kept hold of the Yellow Jersey.

My skirt isn’t quite finished yet, but I’m determined to wear it on my birthday, so it will get finished and I’m even doing a bit more lace on it.

I would just like to say “Thank you!” to all my supporters and Team Quick Stitch, Alli, Gretchen, Jennifer, Jessica, Lauren, Madalyn, Marge, Shelley and Whitney, (go, check out their blogs) who made being a Team Leader very easy and a parcel will go out to those who have knitted wrist warmers as promised. Of course a big “Merci” to the KAL Hostesses Debbie and Meg for a fantastic KAL yet again and I hope we all join forces again next year.

So, is that it? I hear you ask, my lycra put back in the back of the wardrobe, my trainers kicked under the settee and forgotten about?

Hell no!

It’s time for Ravelympics!

I’m in Team Lantern Rouge, naturally after having finished the Tour de France. As you can see, I’m going in for Felted Freestyle and Baby Dressage, so I am off to hide in a corner until August the 7th to sort out patterns!



3 thoughts on “La Fin

  1. Well, you’ve been busy – I haven’t been able to keep up! Good luck with finishing your skirt and congratulations on making it through your KAL (even if you didn’t quite make your goal) and wanting to start another! I can never quite make it through a KAL myself…

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