caffeine, caffeine, my kingdom for some caffeine!

I am so tired. Having only had 2 1/2 hours sleep, please be aware that typos, nonsensical ramblings and general sloppiness is a likelyhood of the following post.

Why? Insomnia seems to be setting in. I go through these phases, it’s normal for me but a pain in the arse when you have to be up and doing stuff, such as the machine knitting workshop I’m doing today!


So what did I do to while away those tiny hours. Yes naturally I knitted, but not only knitted, I have 2 FO’s, well 1 FO and 1 very nearly an FO.

Number 1 – BIg J

Yes, “the man of constant Durrow” is finished, done and dusted, just waiting for *the curse now! I’m so glad to have this finished as it has caused a lot of sorrow, the amount of times it was frogged and re-knitted and tinked and frogged…I’m not usually a yarn snob but after knitting with natural fibres for sometime, picking up the acrylic felt awful in my hands.

and the other:

The skirt is finished, just need to wash and block and add elastic. I can’t wait to wear this. Woohoo!

EDITED: I started writing this post yesterday, and as I was beginning to feel tired, decided to get a couple of hours sleep before the kids got up. I would have deleted the post and started again, but it applies to this morning too. Only difference is, I’m not busy today.

The machine knitting workshop went well, once I’d managed to get the machines running smoothly. The CANDo group had bought the machines from the LYS who told them they were in good condition…yes, by all means, they worked, but they were in appalling condition and needed stripping and oiling first. I taught 4 children and a gentleman to knit on them but the hand knitting ladies refused to have a go, arguing that it took the enjoyment out of knitting, not being able to handle the fabric, unable create the patterns you can with hand knitting. I beg to differ! But I’m not going to bore you all with it. I had a great time and some happy customers and the wonderful lady who set up the workshop gave me these:

Lots and lots of Navy, Light Blue and Silver Emu Cotton, and the red is Patons “Crystal”. Yummy.

Oh and I acquired these too:

My husband was clearing out his wardrobe so I pinched these shirts before they went to the charity shop. I love these patterns and thought they’d make great linings for bags and wotnot.

I’m feeling a bit “in limbo” at the moment, I’m itching to knit but don’t want to start anything until the 8th for the Ravelympics I’ve got my patterns ready now and have decided to knit this for Dylan as he hasn’t had anything from me yet (apart from when he was a baby) and I remember someone mentioning these during the Tour – Dumpling bags, which look like great fun, no doubt I have some feltable wool somewhere!

Well it’s 3.30am, I think I’ll go and watch “Transformers”, just because I can!


4 thoughts on “caffeine, caffeine, my kingdom for some caffeine!

  1. I’m empathising with the insomnia. Fortunately it doesn’t much matter to anyone very often when I’m awake and when I’m asleep, except for the morning and evening taxi run to the station, and some dinner cooking sometime in the evening! At least knitting isn’t a very noisy occupation, when I am doing it in the post-midnight hours. Imagine if I wanted to play the drums (or something).
    I am inspired by your knitting output. Maybe I should undo the arms of the jumper for my husband after all, and retry (again).

  2. Oh, I hate it when I’m really short on sleep. I don’t function too well, and I’m not always so nice to be around either! At least you got some knitting done. Congrats on finishing the skirt!

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