Five minutes peace

Oh to have a quiet house. I have had my sister over from Leeds, with her boyfriend James and his too boys, Ollie and Tom, it’s been fantastic! The weather has been rubbish as you would only expect in Wales in August but we did manage a day at the beach.

Due the the cold wind we tried very hard to not let the kids get too wet, but children being children, managed it in the end. Angle is always nicer on a colder day anyway as there are never too many people on the beach.

(Little) Ollie (as in mine) trying out his artistic skills.

Imagine this lot (plus my husband and me) squeezed into a tiny house! They were the best behaved children I’ve met in a long time and it was a joy to have them here.

Caryl and James babysat them all on the evening before my birthday so Jim and I could celebrate our wedding anniversary (8yrs!) which we did in Harwood style and went for a bike ride and a beer, which we very rarely do together. I had some great presents, nothing knitty, but fantastic just the same.

A pair of mugs and coasters from Portmeirion from Caryl and

a Mah Jong game, but we still don’t know how to play it, we’re still waiting for a book...but isn’t that gorgeous. I can’t wait to get those tiles out.

As for knitting, I managed to wear my skirt out.

And “Askew” is nearly finished! I’ll be wearing that tomorrow…and…my post for my final intermediate sprint for the TDFKAL has been shortlisted to win the final prize – now wouldn’t that be a great birthday present?


Now it’s off to try and get clothes dry before we go off to the Lake District, it’s ok, I have a week or so!


4 thoughts on “Five minutes peace

  1. And when you get your book, you will learn all about twittering the sparrows. Enjoy your mah jong I haven’t played in years, but it was always great fun.

  2. Penblwydd hapus cariad. How did I manage to miss that? And happy anniversary too.

    I have a Mah Jong set that I haven’t used yet either. I’ve only played with people once. I have a nifty computer version though. The scoring is quite mad though.

    Although you missed Cardiff MAS ( thanks for the comments on the pics by the way ) there is going to be a similar thing in Swansea on the Saturday of the bank holiday weekend coming up. Starts about 2pm Townhill Road way, then heads into town and ends up by the Waterfront Museum. My lot will be there, I just haven’t decided if I’m doing it yet.

    Elizabeth x

  3. Congratulations! It’s good you got to spend time with family – especially *good* time with family. Good luck with the dry out!

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