The Tale of Two Socks

Two pairs of socks that is.

The pattern taken from Anna Tillman’s book “Fab Feet and Cosy Toes” which was in little magazine that came with the most recent issue of “Let’s Knit” called “Socks Rock”. I only put the little pocket and teddy on one of the socks, as I couldn’t bear (no pun intended!) knitting another teddy, too tiny.

Knitted in what feels like Alpaca from the Natural Dye Studio. Lovely yarn to knit with.

“Sgrech Socks” knitted in MamaMi’s “Sgrech y Coed” following the same pattern as above but omitting the pocket and they’re a bit shorter too. Both pairs are knitted to fit Toddler size feet (UK 7-8). Anothe beautiful yarn to knit with.

I’m quite pleased with my knitting output at the moment. I’ve also knitted the back and a sleeve of the Olympic Hoodie and starting on the front today. Now I have the socks out of my system, I should finish (arrgghh it’s those famous last words again!) the Hoodie this week and will take my felting project with me to the Lake District next week. I’ve changed my pattern for the “Felted Freestyle” from the Dumpling bags to The Birdhouse Bag because I can’t be bothered to work out the pattern for the Dumplings and have resorted to buying the magazine! I’m not sure how long I’ll have to wait for it, so thought it better to just change patterns, still gotta be easier than using my brain! The felted Birdhouse Handbag should be pretty straight forward, I might even crochet it so I don’t have to take a load of needles with me.

I’ve ordered some of this in the browny/creamy colourway, to knit my dumpling in. If I can make two, I’ll save one as a Christmas present. I’ve been thinking a lot about Christmas presents just lately, if these summer holidays are anything to go by, it’ll be here before we know it.

I’ve joined the Ravelry Group “The Wonderful Christmas Stocking Swap” which looks like fun. It’ll be great to get a stocking from halfway across the world. I’ve also written a list of patterns I’d like to knit for presents…I’d add a few but it’s about 3 pages long, I think I’ll have to rethink that one!

That’s about it, I just want to leave you with a photo of Mavis demonstrating how Blueberries and cream should be eaten!


4 thoughts on “The Tale of Two Socks

  1. Oh, I love the tiny teddy, but can see where it might be fussy work – and you made alpaca socks for your children – now that’s a mom!

    And I think Mavis is exactly right with her blueberries – you have to really enjoy them…

  2. I love the sock teddy bear! Of course, I’m not sure I’d enjoy knitting it any more than you do…Good luck on the hoodie and bag – we still have over half of Ravelympics to go!

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