Well I got all my bits together for the birdhouse handbag, ready for packing and thought, well, might as well do it now!

Made in the same way as the knit pattern, but crocheted instead. 100% pure wools.

The base is Jaeger Matchmaker and Twilley’s Freedom Spirit (red).

The body is Patons Pure Wool.

The Lid is Patons Pure Wool and Twilley’s Freedom Spirit (blue)

The flowers didn’t felt at all, although there was a fair amount of wool in them, but I only washed the bag on 40 degrees, knowing the Patons would felt into oblivion if the water was any hotter!

The rope I had left from making drawer handles on an old chest of drawers, I thought it would look good.

I’ve already used it too and earned myself my first Ravelympics medal! Woohoo!


6 thoughts on “Ravelympics.

  1. Blue canary in the something by the light switch, who watches over you, make a little birdhouse in your soul.

    Thanks for that :-p

    It’s a very sweet little bag.

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