Sun a-rise, bring in the morning…

…fluttering her skirts all around.

Can you tell what it is yet? It’s my crafts stuff, left as I packed it last time I did a workshop. Dis-organised, discarded and, well, a bloody big mess! Considering I have two workshops today, I needed to get it together and decide what I’m doing for each one. The first which is Fun Day for BAPTARA is easy, as I can be inside in the warm and have paper everywhere, so I can perform my “Pièce de résistance”, which is recycled cards, that is cards made from recycled stuff, old game pieces, fabric, buttons,books, maps, leaves, anything. I can have the paint and glue strewn where the hell I like (within reason).

The workshop later on is in Monkton, a little village just outside of Pembroke from whence I came (actually I was born in Greenock in Scotland – but this is the first place I remember living and all my dad’s side of the family were all here, so this is where I call home (ish). This one is being held outside, not so good with paper in this weather! (If you’re in the UK or Australia – you can imagine what it’s like!)

So I’m staying with the recycling theme and going with something like this:

It’s choker made from a big button( preferably with 4 holes) , scrap of ribbon (or lace or elastic or plastic thread or yarn) some beads and sequins. We can get a bit more elaborate, this is just one I knocked up to see how quickly they can be made and how easy it would be for younger children (I have bigger beads for those).

Whatcha think?

So, why am I doing all this at some stupid time in the morning? J and I need to cycle to Milford Haven

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to pick up the hire car so we can go on holiday tomorrow and as I’m busy all day it has to be now.

Right now!

So….goodbye, have a good week and I shall see you with a hoodie (hopefully) and lots of photos (probably).


3 thoughts on “Sun a-rise, bring in the morning…

  1. wow you have been busy with your socks and your birdhouse bag is fabulous! Hope you have a wonderful day of workshops, and then have a lovely holiday, hope the sun shines for you!

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