Hi honey, I’m home!

Well where do I begin? Let’s try at the beginning.

(please note this will be a very photo heavy post).

We managed to hire a car for the week which was just about big enough for all of us and a bit of luggage. Firstly we took my favourite road up to North Wales.

This is the road is the A487 between Machynlleth and Dolgellau which on a less rainy day has a beautiful view. We visited my foster parents up in Talybont, near Barmouth, as soon as I see this bridge I always get that fuzzy feeling of being back home.

Where we stopped for lunch and then carried on further north where I waved to Anne as we passed.

My BIL and his wife are architects and built their own house which was pretty easy to find as it’s bright blue, we found you could see it from just about everywhere in the area.

That’s the Greta river which runs through Keswick. The house is huge and just stunning!

The following morning we went exploring the town and found The Lakeland Pedlar well worth visiting if you’re ever in the area. The food is a little expensive, but worth it and the bike shop upstairs is great.

The weather wasn’t great so we went for a drive around some of the lakes. Up the Honister Pass we didn’t visit the slate mine there as the kids were asleep so we carried on up to Buttermere and Bassenthwaite lakes.

the road took us back into Keswick, so once the kids had woken up we went off to see the stone circle.


We had already done the Pencil Museum the last time we visited so decided to do the Keswick Museum and Art Gallery this time. Which is small but great for children as it’s quite hands on and has some really interesting things (apart from the 500 yr old cat found under the floor of a local church! You’ll be glad to know I didn’t take a photo of it!)

There were the musical stones from Skiddaw.

Which are played like a xylophone.

And a few crafting bits like this goffering frame;

and this stunning yarn winder:

Mavis and Dylan were desperate to climb a mountain, so the first day where the cloud was high enough to make it possible we decided to take a hike up Cat Bells (the recommended climb for children).

Which involved taking a boat over Derwentwater to Hawse End

It was pretty much as Wainright describes in his book (never climb a mountain without one!) very easy path, but with a bit of rock climbing involved, which the kids loved (I had to turn away while they scrambled up them for fear of taking over and carrying them up!).

Walking to the second peak.

Looking back along Cat Bells from the second peak.

I managed to find a local yarn store called “Needles and Pins” but it didn’t sell anything I couldn’t get at home, but I did get this sock yarn.

But the best buy was on market day where I found a little yarn stall. I forgot to ask who they were, I got this drop spindle with home grown wool.

and this hand dyed yarn, used from her own sheep, but she sends it away to be spun, then dyes it herself.

On the way home we visited what we though would be fun, but it turned out to be so scary that I didn’t take any photographs! It was the Laurel and Hardy museum in Ulverston. The town itself is lovely, but the museum was crammed to the hilt with memorabilia, fine, but more thought could have been put into the layout and the guy who ran it kept following us around and that bugged me. Still, the kids enjoyed watching the film, until I dragged them out!

And that was about it. We had a fabulous time and it’s a shame to have to be back into the humdrum of Pembroke Dock.

And what of my hoodie for the Ravelympics? There isn’t one! Why? I hear you ask. Was I too busy? Too worn out at the end of the day? Too interested in learning how to spin? Nope! I forgot the damn thing! Just passing through Aberystwyth as I was waving to Elizabeth and realised I’d left it behind.



3 thoughts on “Hi honey, I’m home!

  1. Wow, what gorgeous scenery. It looks like you have a good time. Don’t feel bad about the hoodie – at least you have a really good excuse for not finishing! (Unlike those of us who just…didn’t finish…)

  2. What a fabulous post! Your photographs are beautiful and the scenery is breathtaking! I love your brother in law’s blue house and I think that the wool you bought on Market day is gorgeous. Lucky you!

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