It’s raining on my house, but none of the others…

I’m feeling lousy today, nothing particularly wrong, just feeling low. I’m putting it down to being back at work on Monday. Don’t get me wrong I love my job, but I’ve really enjoyed my time home with the children and having the time to knit, create, design and play. I was also hoping that at least one of these would arrive today:

The orange is from Limegreenjelly (Jo from Freestyle Fibre) on Etsy and the lilac/yellow is from MamaMi (Artis-Anne and Kath of Kath’s Krafty Kreations) also on Etsy. Knowing Kath has posted the fibre, I got a little exited, who’d have thought it would take 2 days to get a parcel from Liverpool to South Wales… Now I won’t get it until Monday,   *sigh*.

So I’ve started a bit of knitting to cheer myself up. I went over to Haverford West with the children the other day and bought some knitting magazines that I can’t get on this side of the water!

I so desperately want to knit this cable dress:

(picture taken from here)

but I have to get the circular needle needed or , work out how to knit the dress in two parts. I can’t be bothered to do either at the moment so opted for a pattern in Interweave Knits (which I ordered for the Dumpling Bag pattern).

Braided Pullover:


Knitted in Sirdar “Bonus DK” Yes, this is a 100% acrylic (as much as I’d love to knit it in a scrummy wool, I wouldn’t be able to wear it) but this has got to be the best acrylic I have knitted with yet, it handles nicely, it’s soft and I’ve not heard it squeak yet! An added bonus is, it’s cheap.

I’m just beginning 4 inches of 2/2 rib….urgh.

The Hoodie is still coming along too, though with the Olympics over and done with, I don’t have the urge to knit all day. but I just have a sleeve and the hood left to do. I’m hoping Dylan can have a new jumper next week.

That said, I’m off.  Hope you all have a great weekend.

Oh if you’re interested, the title comes from the song “Deep in the Wood” – The Birthday Party.


6 thoughts on “It’s raining on my house, but none of the others…

  1. Cheer up, ducks! Sounds like you’re suffering from some late summer ennui – I certainly have felt out of sorts lately too. Hope the knitting perks you up!

    (And please don’t post photos of spiders again – I swear, if that thing crawled anywhere near me, I’d have my trusty flamethrower out… )

  2. I hope you get to feeling more cheerful! It always seem rough at the end of summer, as summer always seems to go much too fast. Hopefully the knitting will help!

    I’ve been thinking about the braided pullover also, although I’m really trying to actually finish some projects first. Can’t wait to see how yours progresses.

  3. Would you prefer a hug or a kick up the bum? 😉

    Totally understand the going back to work feeling. And it surely doesn’t help that this summer has been so weird and grey and damp all the time.

  4. I always feel like this before I go back to work but I usually have a surprisingly enjoyable first day. (Over the holidays I tend to remember all the pressure and forget how much I enjoy working in my community.) I hope Monday is really enjoyable for you too.

  5. Aw bless you sound fed up 😦
    Do hope your goodies arrive today to cheer you up. Have you taken up spinning ? or is it for felting ?Nosey aern’t I LOL
    I love that jumper in IK too

  6. I do so hope you’re feeling more back in the swing of it now, R. That back to work feeling is just blaghhhh, isn’t it? I’m doing it in reverse though – the gang are all heading back to school, college or Uni … and Occ Health have sent me off work!

    Hope the fibres cheered you up … what scrummy colours! Love that cable dress and can’t wait to watch your progress when you cast on. However, the Braided pullover is stunning and looks loads more wearable … The Oak/apple is a lovely shade.

    Beautiful pics of your trip too

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