Back to school…

You all said “It’ll be fine!” and it was, the first day is always pretty easy as there aren’t any children in and it just involves some tidying up and subject planning. It’s the second day that hits hard, particularly in the morning as they are the newcomers, but surprisingly out of 20 ish new children only 3 have been screamers (by screamers, don’t mean those who scream for their Mam for a bit and then settle, no…I mean scream for so long that we have to phone the parents to take them away!). Though, it wasn’t the children I as worried about, it was the staff  – but all seems to be okay.

Thanks for that kick up the bum!

I’ve been fishing this morning as our subject this term is colours, we shall be spending a week on each one (that is red, blue, yellow (and green- that bugs me so much – if we’re going to do green, let’s do all the secondary colours too!), so I have been looking for some nice simple colour crafts and found this.

Vinegar Volcano which sounds like loads of fun, if not a bit messy!

There’s not a great deal going on on the knitting front.

Braided Pullover, I am pleased to say,  is coming to the end of the 4 inches of 2/2 rib. If there’s one thing in the whole world I really hate, ribbing is it. But as I say, only a few more rows to go and it should get a bit more interesting and move on a bit faster. I’m not looking forward to the sleeves!

Also, as you may not know as I don’t know how many read the post about my trip to Keswick, but I am beginning to dabble in spinning with a drop spindle.

MamaMi’s furry stuff arrived on Monday as suspected and Monday evening I was straight to it! I’m still not very good and need a little more confidence to go just that little bit thinner, but I actually did want big slubs in this… I can’t tell you what it’s for as it’s a bit of a secret.

“Llin y Llyfant” English tops, plied with Shunklies lambswool and silk laceweight yarn.

Jo’s BFL fibre has turned up too, so plenty to be getting on with!

Edited this afternoon: It’s been a good week at work, and I’ve been given the go ahead on the volcano mentioned above (I can’t wait! I’m such a kid!) and I’ll show you the new display that I’ve been working on next week. I’m off out shopping this weekend for birthday presents for my sister, next week, the twins and J who all share a birthday the following week and then Dylan’s is the week after! Oh joy!

I’ve already ordered J this…, he’ll love it!

Have a good weekend folks.


3 thoughts on “Back to school…

  1. I’m glad the week went well. That’s always a good thing – especially the first week of school. I remember making a “volcano” when I was little – it should be terribly fun (if a bit messy – but that’s half the fun!). Have fun with the spinning as well.

  2. Your children look soooooo sweet.
    I really like the colours of your spun wool and I think that its texture, once it’s been knitted up, is delicious! The volcano looks like great fun…and I hope that the screamers have stopped. (I haven’t worked with really young children for a long time, but I still remember the blood curdling shrieks of one little girl on her first day…poor wee thing.)
    Have a great weekend. =]

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