Have your towels handy*…

…the world is about to end…tomorrow apparently.

I’ve found some pretty good answers to the question, but not quite the one I’m after,

what the hell does this “Large Hadron Collider” machine do, exactly?

Apart from looking pretty stunning, this is about the plainest explanation I can find:-

“It will seek to understand the building blocks of matter, and, in particular,try to find a mechanism that can explain why matter has mass”. (taken from here).

and if it doesn’t end on Wednesday…is it going to end in 2012? The good thing about the world ending in 2012 would be that I’ll at least have the Braided Pullover finished by then and maybe even worn it once or twice!

I suppose Douglas Adams had it right all along, quite clearly

“Don’t Panic”.

Braided Pullover is coming on nicely, I’ve got the first repeat de-cyphered and done, actually I’m not having trouble with this pattern. The last time I tries a pattern from this magazine (which was some 5 years ago) I really struggled.

And that’s about it, I leave you with Armor For Sleep’s “End of the World”

*Towel Day

Have a good week.


7 thoughts on “Have your towels handy*…

  1. I think I like the Douglas Adams attitude. Just takes to much energy to panic. I’m glad to hear the pullover is coming along well. It’s a lovely color.

  2. Well, we’re all still here;o)

    Braided sweater looks wonderful! I really love those muted green shades and can’t wait to see it finished.

    I’ve nominated you for an award, R. Please check out my blog to see.

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