Rising to heaven on the wing of song…

Gosh, it seems such a long time ago since I sat at my computer. Thank you for all the wonderful comments on my display and spinning and ideas for the BFL.  As much as I pretend not to be bothered whether anyone reads my blog, it’s always nice to know when people do.

Well what have I been up to since I saw you last? I’m sorry to say, I haven’t done any more spinning. I’ve not done a great deal more on the Braided Pullover either, though I have managed to squeeze in another pattern repeat in between all I have done!

Such as the twin’s birthdays, It’s hard to believe they are now 4 years old! They didn’t have a big party as our house just isn’t big enough for it, but we had a little family tea (it was Big J’s birthday too) with a cake and loads of presents.

We had a dry, sunny weekend. The first in such a long time, so we took a trip to St Davids as we’ve lived here now for 5 years and have never seen the smallest city in the UK. I thought Bangor (North Wales) was pretty small for a city, but this one is just a little bit smaller.

Anyway, the reason we went was the same reason as anyone would, to see the cathedral.

Which is pretty impressive!

To say the least.

I could bore you with hundreds of photos, but I won’t, just a couple  which really caught my eye.

“Calon Lan” a traditional Welsh hymn, cross stitched onto a prayer cushion.

The cathedral was full of little interesting things that could easily be missed, most of the up on the ceiling which was difficult to  photograph with my camera. Apart from a few rooms which had these great tiles on the floor.

As for the rest of my knitting projects, the transformers hat is coming on,



I should definitely have this finished by Dylan’s birthday and than it’s two new baby girls to knit for. One of my nephew’s has had a baby girl, a month premature so I’m going to knit her a whole set of dress and bootees, cardigan, the whole hog!

What was I saying about the pullover being finished by 2012? I always manage to jinx my knitting projects.


4 thoughts on “Rising to heaven on the wing of song…

  1. Wow! What a fabulous field trip! I love visiting big old churches, but we don’t have any that big and old in midwest US! I did make it to Westminster Cathedral on my one and only visit to London, and the Sacre Coeur in Paris- your pics have the memories flooding back!

    Happy birthday to the twins! I’ve always wanted twins! Fun, fun, fun!

    Happy knitting-

  2. I haven’t been working so much on knitting myself lately…just seems like there’s always so much going on. Thank you for sharing the pictures from St. David’s – it looks just gorgeous. I’m always amazed by the architecture our ancestors were able to build. With all our modern technologies, we still can’t quite match the beauty of these old buildings.

  3. The cathedral is most impressive, the photos are great! Thanks for sharing them.
    The transformer hat is coming on very pretty.
    Congratulations on the twins!

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