I’ve been dying to get back to my braided pullover so decided this week that I would finish all those little WIPs that have been lying around the place.

Olympic hoodie was one of them. Because I hadn’t finished it in time for the end of the Olympics, there wasn’t so much of a great urgency to get it finished, so there it was, only the 2nd sleeve and hood to go, skulking in a corner.

As I was up at 5am I decided to get the sleeve done, at which point Ollie got up and demanded the jumper was finished so he could wear it to school. With so much enthusiasm to wear something I had created, how could I refuse. I  gave up on the hood, got the neck band done and set upon the thoroughly boring task of weaving ends and sewing up.

It was finished at 7am. Phew! (then I had to quickly get all the kids dressed, fed, washed and lunchboxes filled to leave the house at 7.45!)

The next FO is what I have called “Korina”, for my nephew’s little girl who was born premature but so far as I know, is doing ok.

The pattern is from “Knit Today” magazine, I think it was just called “Cute Cardigan” and originally had embroidered flowers up the left hand front, but I chose not to do them, just because I’m lazy really and thought a different coloured edging is enough. “Korina” sat in a corner for a while with just the neck and bottom edging to do and I had to summon up a lot of enthusiasm to get it done.

I love it, it’s so pretty, but it has a “two steps forward, two steps back” feel to it!

The pattern goes:

Cast off 1, *slip st back onto left needle, cast on 2 sts, cast off 4 sts, rep from * urgh!

Any way it’s done now, just want to get some bootees done too.

Apart from the biggies, I’ve got a few bags done for this lady in town, which are on my Ravelry site.

This is another edging I’m quite fond of, same idea as the picot above, but you knit this one as you go along so it doesn’t seem to go one forever,

So at the beginning of a new row, cast on 2 sts, cast off 2 sts, slip st back onto left needle, cast on 3 sts, cast off 3 sts, slip st back onto left needle, cast on 2 sts, cast off 2 sts.

And then carry on with your row. Works much better with a chunky yarn than with a fine one.

This is an edging found in the “Harmony book of Knitting Stitches” (or something along those lines) with the little bobble thingy above added on to the peaks of the edging. Knitted in “Happy” by Wendy ( the Pisces colourway). I think those stipes would look better on socks.

I’ve been looking at edgings a lot just lately with a view to knitting jewelry, but I really find it tedious and  prefer to crochet as it’s quicker, but I’m dammed if I can find my hooks….

And now that it’s 5am, I’m going to attempt to finish Mavis’ school cardigan, which is at this stage at the moment.

I don’t know how well you can see the pattern.

It has two  borders of eyelets either side of the button band

and a cute little collar.

It shouldn’t take too long to finish off.

Have a good week folks, see you on the other side.


8 thoughts on “FOs!

  1. Great FO’s Angie, I don’t think I could get up at 5am, although if I am awake early I do like to get up and have some time to myself!

  2. Good job on getting all those wip’s finished! I have too many lying around that I need to get to myself – maybe I’ll take some inspiration from you.

  3. I am so glad to know that Wendy “Sharma” felts well. I have been given dozens of skeins!!!!! Lucky me! I also have over 200 skeins of Canadian made Elenka (White Buffalo Yarn Co)…Icelandic type yarn … but it must be out of production cuz I can’t find much about it on the internet. Thanks!

  4. I think you should be up for a ‘mum-of-the-year’ award, Angie, finishing that jumper for Ollie (he looks very cute btw) and I think you should indulge his passion for your handknits for as long as you can – they eventually get to an age when they’re too ‘cool’ to wear them!

  5. No wonder Ollie was keen to have his new jumper for school! It looks so snuggly and perfect for the nip in the air we’ve got some days….

    You’ve being doing loads! The wee cardi is really sweet and love the different colour trim.

    How’s your Mandarin lessons going? I’m so impressed! I reckon I’m bi-lingual purely by being a Scot living in Wales:o) Maybe that’s cheating, eh?

  6. I can’t get over quite how much you cram into your life as a busy mum of little ones and know I know how you do it – it’s all these 5am rises you’ve been sneaking in!! The FO’s are looking great Ang and the new yarn purchases are lovely – look forward to seeing what you create next.
    Also am amazed you’ve missed out on St Davids for so long – it’s lovely isn’t it? Next time I must see inside the Cathedral after your little sneak peek!

  7. Great job done and I am glad to see i am not the only one up at unearthly hours ,I have been up since 4 am today , too early I think . Oh to have lie in !!
    Ollie looks so cute in his new outfit and the little cardi is so lovely and the picot edge finishes it off so well

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