“Woke up this morning with the cold water”

well, I feel inclined to write another post before people think I’m actually busy doing something….like knitting! To be honest I’ve not been up to a great deal other than work.

Is how the original post was going to start until this weekend. I’ve actually done pretty much nothing but knit, to get this cardigan finished.

I had bought the yarn from Lidl ages ago, with no particular pattern in mind, it was cheap, I think around £5 for 600g of chunky (20% wool, 80% of something else not natural fibre). Anyway while I was looking for baby patterns I came across this one (ravelry link) in “Simply Knitting” and thought…perfect.

So once I’d got a few other bits out of the way, I set about knitting the winter coat. I’ve made it quite small because I didn’t want to run out of yarn, knowing I wouldn’t be able to get any more, so it serves more as a cardigan than a coat, but I’m happy with it. I could get away with making it double breasted as I’m pretty small but didn’t bother, just means sewing more buttons on doesn’t it?!

The other little bits consisted of a Hat for Dylan

I wasn’t that keen on the las Transformers hat as it was too big and I didn’t like the decreasing, so I set about tring to make a smaller grph of the Autobot symbol, which was harder than it looks, I’m still not perfectly happy with it now but at least Dylan likes it.

There is a pattern if anyone is interested.

Also a pair of gloves for me.

Knitted in Wendy Gold Award (orange and green) and

J C Brett Merino (red), just a plain generic glove pattern

with the stitch pattern Garter Slip Stitch.

If anyone does want the whole pattern writing out then feel free to ask.

I’m also finishing off a pair of socks for Mavis,

Knitted in Wendy “Happy” bamboo and something else variegated….and I’m not rooting upstairs right now to find the ball band either!

….and then I should be able to get on with the braided pullover, I’m on half term holiday next week so I’m hoping that I can get a lot done in that week. I am so ready for this time off now, I’m starting to feel a little tired and with these cold, dark mornigs it’s getting harder and harder to get up!

Hope you all have a good week, wherever you are.

Cold Water/Tom Waits


4 thoughts on ““Woke up this morning with the cold water”

  1. I haven’t had much time to knit myself – must be the busyness of fall. At least you found the time to make the cardigan. Looks great!

  2. Your cardigan is gorgeous! I love the texture and it’s a really flattering fit. The hat, socks and mittens look lovely and colourful too. I hope you’re having a restful break. =]

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