“There’s a Farm Called Misery”

It’s been a while since i have posted, generally because I have been offline for a short time while Tiscali and I had a little arguement and I went back to BT. This didn’t take too long and while i am grateful that they didn’t cause too much stress with the change over, I should never have had to do it in the first place!

Still that is now resolved and I can get on with life…or so I thought. I decided to celebrate being back online with a little gift to myself of some nice new yarn and some fibre for spinning then discovered PayPal are now having a go and even though I have had an account with them for over 3 years, my bank has suddenly become unverified and causing a little hassle. It seems pointless me telling you about a little shop I have opened as at the moment I don’t have a PayPal account until everything is re-registered, should be done by next week.

All I can say is a big “thank you” to the kindness of strangers (or not really strangers, just not met in real life yet – and we will I’m sure, when the time is right!) for making life a little easier when needed.

I am struggling terribly with insomnia at the moment, to the point where I’m almost considering visiting a Dr about it! Now I don’t do Dr’s, not for any fear of them, but because I know what they’ll say, I know what they’ll suggest I do and i know what medication they will give me and quite frankly it seems a waste of their time and mine. Usually I can work my way out of this little slump of depression, but if it does go on for much longer I will have to go…..urgh!

I do have some progress on the Braided Pullover.


Because I suffer more in the cold weather with painful joints, there’s not a great deal done but the left side is done, which, thankfully,  is the hardest bit, it should be plain sailing from now on and I should definitely have it all finished by Christmas.


I also have some new fibre from the wonderful MamaMi


“Awyr Glas” (Blue Sky) which is a superwash sock yarn….just look at that colour.


“Teigr”  (go on, I’ll let you guess what the translation is for that one!) Bluefaced Leicester Humbug

Just yummy! Those cheered me up no end! 🙂

And that’s about it, hopefully the next post will be much more uplifting!!

Have a good week folks x


6 thoughts on ““There’s a Farm Called Misery”

  1. Hello! Is this yet another new look for your blog? I like it.

    Well done for conquering Tiscali & BT. Sometimes I wonder why we bother trying to deal with these big corporations. It never is as easy as they say it will be. And good luck with Paypal.

    Have you tried homeopathy for the insomnia. I must admit that I’ve never tried it myself, and I lean towards the sceptical, but for some of my friends it has worked brilliantly.

    The Teigr is gorgeous! And looking forward to seeing the pullover when it’s finished.



  2. Your Braided pullover is looking lovely! Can’t wait to see it finished. Sorry to hear you are a bit blue – hope that you can work it out, I totally understand your sentiments re doctors. Sending best sleepy happy wishes.

  3. Wow, the pullover’s really coming along. Very pretty. And those yarns/fibers are just gorgeous. Here’s hoping for some good sleep soon.

  4. Love the colour of Teigr and your braided jumper is going to be lovely.
    I expect you’ve already tried cutting out caffeine etc, not sleeping is so miserable, hope things improve soon.

  5. Sorry things have been a bit trying for you, and the insomnia is getting you down, just keep hoping for a short Winter, get this drear out of the way, and Spring will almost be here!!

  6. I am so very sorry to hear that you are having a hard time of things lately and sorry that I haven’t been awol as well and didn’t know 😦
    I suffer from insomnia too but PLEASE do not go down the sleeping tabs route if you can help it. I was addicted to them for about 5 years. Short term they are great but they don’t work after a while and I eneded up taking more and then stronger ones
    LOVE your braided top and so glad that you were happy with the goodies 🙂

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