Where does the time go?

“Well hello there my it’s been a long long time

How am I doin’ oh I guess that I’m doin’ fine

It’s been so long now and it seems that it was only

Gee ain’t it funny how time slips away”

(Billy Walker)

Thank you all for your well wishes. Things seem to be going okay at the moment (touches wood, throws salt over left shoulder, crosses the road to avoid ladders, refuses to acknowledge the number thirteen and shoots every black cat which crosses my path). I’m still not sleeping particularly well, but then I never did but I’m not feeling so drained now.

So, what news? Apart from biting my nails to their bare minimum over a job interview I have on Monday. ….I feel nervous just thinking about it!

I’m going for another LSA position, but in the Autistic Unit of the same school I’m in now. I’ve been covering a member of staff for the past 2 weeks and have thoroughly enjoyed myself. I’ve been swimming and horse riding and bitten in the leg….what more can a girl want! I’m hoping I can go in as a craft organiser, that is,  creating art and craft sessions depending on the childrens’ interests and abilities, but I may just end up being a gopher (as in “go for”). we shall see.  I just need to read up a bit on the background of autism, but other than that I’m pretty confident…..and nervous…..and excited too.

Talking about craft sessions, I did one a few weeks ago for thePembroke Gateway Club,  which is a group for adults with learning difficulties, run by a few lovely ladies who I assume work voluntarily, I’ve been trying to find some information about them, but can’t 😦 .

All I know is that they meet on a Thursday night, from 7pm to 9pm at Monkton Swifts.

It was a great night, lots of Christmas cards were made and I hope to work with them all again soon!



Knitwise I’ve been pretty busy too, I’m about halfway through on a jacket for a little boy. Knitted in Bernat Soft boucle (blue) and Wendy Aran with wool (green)  knitted together.  I’ll get some photos done soon…

I’ve been making slippers for a little girl.


The pattern is from the book  “Easy Knits for Little Kids” by Catherine Tough. I’m sure I’ve seen them in a magazine somewhere too, but I can’t rememeber which one. This yarn was sent to me during a Welsh Swap on Ravelry…it’s a washable wool, that’s about all I can remember! It knitted up lovely.

I’ve done some spinning…


That’s the “Teigr” from MamaMi, which has been plied with with a bronzy indian embroidery thread and waiting for some time to soak it.

And I’ve found the smallest 2 shaft table top loom I have ever seen!


It’s about 12 cm tall! I found it in a charity shop, it’s totally handmade and really sweet…I’m going to try it out later if I find the time…

I’ve sold some Christmas cards in my shop – PiliPala

There’s not a great deal in there at the moment….but it’ll get going, once Christmas is over and done with!

I think that’s about it!

So what next…..who knows. It’s quite possible that my head will explode,  with all the festive cheer carol singing and present buying.

But first I need to go to the lantern making session with the kids, which I really regret not being able to get involved like I was able to last year.

Make Christmas cards, visit friends, buy “Narnia – Prince Caspian” (which is one of the many DVDs the kids want for Christmas – I want “Dark Knight” and “Mongol”), write some Certificates out for something for school and remember to breath – and that’s just today….

Have a fantastic weekend folks


3 thoughts on “Where does the time go?

  1. Will be thinking of you tomorrow and will keep fingers crossed . This is how I ended up teaching special needs(as it was then called !!) in FE before going to work as MH worker for the homeless. I started as a support craft teacher at primary level and helping with RDA !! You will be fantastic at it I know. We do seem to have a lot in common Ange ; must really meet up one of these days 🙂
    Teigr looks really great spun up too , lovely spinning.
    Talking of Portmeirion, it was never free for us locals over the water in Borth 😦 lucky you lot in Penrhyn.Great place to play & explore though wasn’t it ? even if we did get chased off regularly !!
    Good luck with your shop; what do you think of Folksy ? Maybe we should switch as Esty does get confusing with its fluctuating $ exchange at times

  2. Wow, busy, busy! It sounds like you’ve been having fun, though. Good luck with getting through all the rest of the busyness!

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