Happy New Year.

Yes, I know, I’ve changed my blog layout yet again.

I’m getting really annoyed with free blog layouts at the moment as no-one seems to do what I want and what I want is a dark background with 3 columns, nice and simple.

Apparently not.

Still, the only other alternative is to pay for a domain name, which I am not prepared to do, my blog isn’t that important.

So…anyway.   Happy New Year to you all!

I haven’t stopped smiling since I got my Christmas present! I’m not usually a frivolous spender, I tend to weigh things up, shop around, see what’s cheapest, but still got quality…

My husband and I decided we really needed a bigger dining table, but we wanted something we could have in the front room, something oak, something with character.


Wanna see what I got?


It’s a Victorian “Gothic” oak table. I know nothing about it, the guy in the antique shop didn’t know much about it either, other than it came from a house in Carmarthenshire.

As soon as I saw it, I had to have it, regardless of whether it would fit therough the front door! (thankfully it did).


I love it! Big J reckons it’s haunted….

Going from one extreme to the other, I also had this.


It’s a ipod “Shuffle”. I just can’t get over how small it is!

So the New Year begins, a new job with new challenges.  As most people/friends/family are sharing their New Year Resolutions, I feel obliged to do the same.

But when I actually sat down to think about it, there wasn’t a great deal I wanted to resolve.

Yeah, giving up smoking is up there, but I’m doing that anyway, that’s already been planned. Finishing knitting projects? Yeah, I pretty much do that anyway. So this is my plan….

Smile more, even if people think I’m crazy! Not that I go around looking miserable, or my head down and ignore the world, it’s  more of an inner thing, peace, if you like.

I found these reasons…

  1. it will make you happy and put you in a positive frame of mind
  2. it will cheer up other people making them more receptive to you
  3. it tones up the right muscles in your face giving it a natural “lift”
  4. it is an instant “circuit breaker” during times of stress
  5. it costs absolutely nothing

Also, if you wear a big smile on your face just before you say goodbye to somebody over the telephone then they will “hear” it. Don’t ask me to explain that. All I know is that it works. You can just tell. Experiment with a friend. You will see that it is true.

The world has enough sad people with long faces. You don’t need to add to their ranks.

Smile. Make it your goal to put a big smile on your face before you get out of bed in the morning. That will you will get off to a happy start. Smile as often as you can throughout the day. It’s infectious. Usually when you smile a smile will be returned.

Smile. Go on. Do it right now! Did it make you feel better?

And thus i leave you with a song….

Get Ready for Love


4 thoughts on “Happy New Year.

  1. Smiling and waving at you Angie, you can get a free domain just for a year from one.com….I got one for Bigsock, don’t think it’s very expenive after that really, I have bought http://www.freestylefibre.co.uk and you can host your blogger blog on your own site for free but I’m not techie enough to get my head around it all!

  2. Happy New Year! What a beautiful table, I can see why you’ve been smiling. I really like your New Year’s resolution too. Everything has seemed so gloomy lately, that it’s nice to think of sunny smiles. I’ll have to try that.

  3. Blwyddyn Newydd Dda to you and yours Ange and lets hopw we meet up this year 🙂
    Love your new table and I agree re smiling but I swear they will lock me away some day 😉
    Good luck with the quiting smoking . We both gave up three years ago but I still grave for a ‘rollie’ but on the other hand I am so glad we did quit too !!

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