aahhhh the dreaded startitis!


There’s nothing like being up early and watching the sun rise, especially when you can share it with your family. I also love it when the day doesn’t pan out as you expect it too. We had intended on getting a bus over the bridge to Haverford West so Big J could have his eyes tested and I could visit the wool shop. We missed the bus, as you do when it’s 8am and there’s nowhere else to go but home (I’m sure that’s a line  in a song) so we decided to walk over the bridge, it’s about a mile but the kids had done it loads of times so no problem there as long as there was the promise of breakfast on the other side (Ah! I know, it’s not a song, but a poem “Home is the Next Bar Down The Street” – J Harwood).


The kids were amazed by the size of the sun, and all the wonderful colours that come with the rising of it.


Once we’d got over the bridge, the temperature dropped drastically and we practicaly ran the rest of the way, so no more photos of the sun…but as promised (to myself) I did visit the wool shop. It’s not the best in the world, nothing fancy, but for the average knitter, it does the job and I did buy some yarn, which seemed to take the shop owner by surprise.

freedom2 As I piled up four balls of “Freedom Spirit” he explained to me that it was pure     wool and it would need special washing care. “Yes” I said, “that would be fine”.

I then handed him four balls of Patons “Essence” a cosy looking chunky yarn, 62% wool, 38% acrylic. He said “you do realise we don’t take back balls of wool if you don’t use them”  I explained to him that that would be fine and I’ll no doubt find a use for any stray balls.


I then handed him four balls of Patons “Art” (mostly acrylic with some mohair and alpaca thrown in) which I thought woulkd make a nice jacket with the “Essence”. The guy seemed almost ashamed to charge me £23…I thought that was quite good for 12 balls of wool considering I could easily spend that on just 2 skeins of hand dyed alpaca!

patonsartThat’s a lot of pure wool you have there” he said “are you making scarves?”

I just just smiled sweetly and said “no….socks” and left. Happy.

Talking about odd little shops, I found a new knitting magazine in my local newsagent. It’s not really one I’d expect to find in there, it’s more of a WHSmiths mag, so it will be of no surprise to you when I tell you it is £5.99 worth of stunningness. Full of patterns by Erika Knight, Amanda Crawford, Martin Strorey,  and the like. There’s a theme running through it too, the first issue is cable, (the next will be fairisle) with large detailed charts. Pure heaven.

I definitely recommend it.


So, what’s next on my knitting list, apart from finishing off my Braided Pullover and the second sock knitted from some beautiful “Violet Green” yarn, sadly I can’t find the ball band and ccan’t tell you what it is, but whatever it is, it’s beautiful and wonderful to knit with.


There’s a lovely little jacket in the magazine above, designed by Teva Durham (Loop d Loop) and I shall use the Patons “Art” and “Essence” mentioned above too. I’m tempted to start it now…..and then there’s a cute little argyle jumper in there too and some beautiful cable cushions and everything else on my Ravelry queue!

Too ease the stress, we ended the day on a good family movie “Hancock”. I’d heard mixed reviews on this film, but with it being Wil Smith, who I rate as an excellent actor, decided to get it anyway. It’s fantastic, the kids loved it, I loved it, the soundtrack is the best I’ve heard in a long time, if anyone comes across the news of a CD, please let me know.

Hope you’re all having a good weekend too. xx


4 thoughts on “aahhhh the dreaded startitis!

  1. I picked up that mag today…in WHSmith, although compared to something like Vogue, I thought £5.99 a bit pricey.
    Fab photos of the sun coming up!

  2. What pretty sun pictures! It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a sunrise – I’m often up before the sun, but I’m always busy getting ready for work, so I never notice.

    Good luck with all the knitting projects – sounds like there’s plenty! Good thing you have pretty yarns to work with.

  3. I had to buy The Knitter when I saw it. Right up my street! My favourite bit is that they do not wrap it up, so you can look at the patterns and decide if there is £5.99 worth of stuff in there for you. Lovely socks, too, btw.

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