WWkip day is on it’s way

So here it is, finally organised. A venue suggested by a very good friend, who is also a very good friend of a pub with a big garden! All we have to do now is pray for good weather.

wwkipday EDIT (2.6.09)  Brenda Dayne of the podcast “Cast On” is coming!

If for any reason the link doesn’t work: The World Wide Knit in Public Day is taking place on the 13th of June at the “First and Last” pub in Pembroke Dock (in their back garden). We will start at around 10.30 and carry on untill people are getting fed up!

If it’s raining we shall be in St Teilo’s Church Hall, which is a few yards down the road.

It’s enclosed and we shall have a couple of gazebos, so safe for children. We shall have knitters, crocheters, spinners, I’m hoping a yarn dyer, a knitting machine, lots to do and see.

We will also be taking donations to raise money for SNAP Cymru. Who are a charity for families who have children with special educational needs.


As I said in an earlier post I was going to Cardiff to see another good friend. The weather was fine, the train journey was bearable, the kids behaved, it was perfect.

Sue toook us to see St Fagan’s museum. If you’re ever in or around Cardiff, I thouroughly recommend it. It’s free, it child friendly and a fantastic, educational day out. I took so many photos so I won’t bore you with them all, but the bit I found the most amazing was the celtic houses.


celtic house


drop spindle.


Weaving from a very basic tapestry loom.

The warp was weighted down at the bottom by loads of decorated stones.


“The round dwellings are reconstructions based on the excavated remains of actual buildings.The stone-walled house is based on one found at Conderton, Worcestershire; the first wattle-walled house on one from the hillfort of Moel-y-Gaer, Flintshire; and the large house, with its roof supported on posts, on remains excavated at Moel-y-Gerddi, Gwynedd.”

(above quote taken from this site)

It was amazing, so much to see. Of course, once I had discovered there was a Woollen Mill, I had to go. I was hoping they would sell their fleeces, but sadly not.


huge drum carder.


Four shaft floor loom.

We went to a wood carving exhibition which was just stunning. Big J took most of the photos here.

I was enthralled by a chap who started making little dragons for the kids! (I think his name was John Maiden) and was chatting to a lady who was making a love spoon from oak! Sadly I didn’t take a photo, nor can I remmeber her name, but I hope it’s going well!


Kids hypnotised by Mr Maiden

Just before we started to call it a day we came across a church. Us adults wanted to see it because of the history behind it, the kids wanted to see it because it was called St Teilo’s (which is the same as the church we go to).


I love that wall.

There’s a bit about the history here

I particularly love the fact thet they found Pre-Reformation paintings on the walls where the rain had washed the lime-wash away! Thankfully they have restored them all. Must have taken ages!


The Last Supper

Enjoy the good weather while it last folks!


3 thoughts on “WWkip day is on it’s way

  1. It sounds like you had quite a good trip. I especially like the pictures from the Celtic house. It’s always fun to see traditional handcraft materials and techniques.

  2. Thanks for sharing the fantastic photos, especially of the Celtic house. That bit of weaving where obviously, no one is too bothered about the selvedges! Must have been a lovely day for your kids.

    Good luck with the WWkip day! X

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